Venzo NF S1
Verona and Enzo
General Information

Venzo, Lorena

First Met

8 years ago


Romantic Interests

An eternal love, drawn together by time.
— About Verona and Enzo's relationship

The complicated yet powerful relationship between the human, Verona and the vampire, Enzo. This is one of the most important relationships in throughout the Buffy universe. The detail of their relationship will be revealed in one of the first three episodes in the series.

Early HistoryEdit

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season One Edit

Describing their RelationshipEdit

One could say about their relationship is that it is very passionate yet difficult. Expect them to have challenging obstacles. There is a deep love between them, one could say its one of the most amazing love stories of all time.

Quotes Edit

Verona: I loved you with all my heart and soul managed to break it so easily by taking my choice away...Something that I wanted more than anything in this world.


Season 1Edit



  • Enzo describes Verona as the love of his life.
  • Cold by Jorge Mende is one of their most important songs.
  • Expect to see a moment between them that will be similar to a Delena scene from TVD.

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