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Verona Margaret Townsend
Biographical information
  • 23 august 1988
  • Alive
  • Doctor
  • Female
Family information
Significant Others
  • Elisabeth Townsend (Mother)
  • Unnamed Father
  • David Whittaker † (Maternal Uncle)
  • Laura Whittaker † (Maternal Aunt)
  • Charlotte Whittaker (Cousin)
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Katharine Isabelle
First seen

Verona (a.k.a Veve or Rona) is a human and the tritagonist of NightFall. She is more like the caretaker of the main group, always looking out for everyone and trying to keep them out of trouble. 

Early LifeEdit

She was born to Elisabeth Townsend and an unknown man. Her parents broke up shortly after she was born and she was raised mostly by her mother and her family. When she was two, her mother died after a brief illness. She was then raised by her uncle and her aunt. In 2010 she was almost killed in a car accident alongside her cousin Charlotte but they survived.

The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

She first appears in The Calling

Throughout NightFallEdit

Season OneEdit


Verona is a woman who likes a challenge and a very bad-ass character. She never allows anyone to break her down or get the best of her. Everyone around her believes they can be as strong as she can due to her beliefs of fighting for what she believes in. She is more like the caretaker of the main group, always looking out for everyone and trying to keep them out of trouble. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Verona is a beautiful young woman with a light skin complexion, green eyes, and long brown hair.

While dealing with fashion, she deals with her main concern; she always wants to look sexy yet classy and professional.


Main article: Verona Townsend/Relationships


The Originals FanfictionEdit


Season One



  • She is considered as the strength of the group.
  • You could say the is almost like the female version of Alaric Saltzman of The Vampire Diaries.
  • She's a doctor.

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