Hello! These are the auditions for the series, Eternal Darkness! If ever heard of an anime series named Vampire Knight and are fan of it, then you should definitely audition a character because this series was inspired by Vampire Knight!

Now when if you plan to audition a vampire, there are the Purebloods and the normal vampires. Make sure to put which one this person will be. You can also use different species such as witches and any other species you can think of.

Also if you plan of creating a character relating to any of the characters from Vampire Knight, you cannot use these people as they've already been used: Yuki, Zero and Kaname.

Eternal Darkness takes place in London, England at the Lunctus Academy. More details at these pages:

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness: Bloodlines




Age: (Note!: If you plan to audition an academy student, they must be 15 to 18)


Marital Status: (Single, Dating, Engaged or Married?)


Occupation: (Academy Student, Day Class/Night Class Teacher, member of the Vampire Council, etc.?)


Physical Appearance/Fashion Sense:




Additional Comments:

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