The Underworld
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The Underworld, also known as Purgatory, is a supernatural dimension where the souls of the evil go after death.


The OriginalsEdit

  • Season 1 (briefly mentioned)


  • Season 1


The souls of the most wicked live in the underworld. They can still communicate with the world of the living though only the most powerful spirits can actually appear on earth. Spirits who have fulfilled their destiny or have done good deeds will find "peace" and will be able to move on to a higher plane which looks like everything they desired when they were still alive. Those that have done wrong remain in the underworld where they are tormented by the mistakes of their past until they are able to correct their misdeeds.


  • It is possible that the Grim Reaper is able to travel to the underworld and back.
  • It has existed before The Other Side.
  • Both supernatural creatures as humans can go to the underworld.
  • Sometimes people can get stuck between the world of the living and the underworld. They will go to a plane between the two worlds called "Limbo." They can't speak to their loved ones when they are in this plane. They can either die and go to the underworld or go back to the world of the living.
  • Only necromancers can bring people back from the underworld but for every resurrection there has to be another death to keep the balance.

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