Karen Sora kiss
Sora and Karen
General Information


Intimacy Level

Holding grudges towards each other
Are still deeply in love with each other
Still care about each other
Protective of each other

First Met

February 2011

Started Dating

January 2012 to January 2014



The relationship between Sora Kurai and Karen Takeda of the most important storylines in third season.

They originally started off on bad terms but Sora became attracted to her because she was different from the other girls he's known. It had mainly been a slow burn for this romance up to the moment where they saw something in each other that no one else saw. Their feelings later grew into love but after years of their strong relationship, everything fell apart.

Early HistoryEdit

Sora Karen flashback

Sora and Karen ready to start their date.

Before the events of Season 3, Sora and Karen met during her birthday party where their families introduced them. They didn't hit it off as she knew of him, hearing about his bad boy reputation. Sora became intrigued by her as she didn't fall for him like other girls did. He would occasionally go to see her and trying picking her up from school in order to get to know her better. His troublesome behavior began to change and showed more of his good side due to Karen's influence of him. He would also repeatedly ask her out until she said yes but she never gave in, often teasing him. However, a certain event occurred that caused her to change her mind and giving him a chance.

The Kurai and Takeda families highly approved of Sora and Karen's relationship but only her father was against it. Their relationship lasted two years and their breakup was caused by a devastating event.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Describing their RelationshipEdit



  • They are the main pairing in Season 3.
  • They are the first Japanese pairing within the series.
  • It took almost a year for Karen to allow Sora to take her out on a date.
  • Their families except her father intentionally planned for Karen and Sora to become a couple.
    • Unknown to Sora and Karen, they were each other's potential groom and bride picked out by their families.

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