Sophia and Rebekah
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Intimacy Level

Relationship on its way to begin repaired however Sophia cannot forgive Rebekah for the things she has done

First Met

When Rebekah was born


Adoptive Sisters, Possibly Best Friends, Allies

The relationship between the Original adoptive sisters, Sophia Zariah Mikaelson and Rebekah MikaelsonThe two sisters have always been close TBA

Early HistoryEdit

10th CenturyEdit

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Rebekah and Sophia are reunited after the arrivals in New Orleans. They team up when discovering Elijah has gone missing.

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Rebekah and Sophia searching for Elijah

The sisters continue their search for Elijah in All You've GotWhen discovering that Marcel Gerard is holding Elijah hostage, they go to get him back but each in their own way. Marcel asks Sophia out on a date to which leads her to a perfect opportunity to question him about her brother but Rebekah shows up and threatens to kill him if he doesn't reveal their brother's whereabouts.

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Sophia and Rebekah with Klaus and Cami.

Sophia and Rebekah attend the Masquerade Ball in Tangled Up In Blue. Rebekah lends her full support for Sophia to be with Marcel.


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