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Sophia and Aria
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Used to love each other like sisters

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Enemies, Ex-Best Friends, Like sisters

My best friend had returned...I never thought I would see her again. The only problem is that she doesn't remember me.
— Sophia about Aria

The relationship between Aria and Sophia Zariah Mikaelson. This is one of the most important friendships in the series. Aria and Sophia are reunited in the present day and Sophia discovers that Aria was the one in charge of the people ordering them to kill her daughter. She also finds out that Aria wants revenge agaisnt Klaus. After Danielle's death, Sophia becomes a darker person and is willing to go agaisnt Aria whom is also partially responsible for Danielle's death.

They are known as "Saria (S/ophia and Aria)" by fans.

Early HistoryEdit

Sophia and Aria met during the 1900s. Sophia along with Klaus found Aria dying and he saved her, turning her into a vampire. She and Aria would go everywhere together. Lots of parties and dances.

Season OneEdit

Flashbacks in Blast From the Past. Sophia shares her past about Aria with Elijah.

Sophia is reunited with Aria in Bring It On. She discovers that the whole time, it is was Aria leading the army of vampires and witches and had been ordering them to kill her Danielle.

Season two Edit

Sophia and Aria have to keep a dark secret from everyone.


Season 1Edit

Aria: "When you love someone, it's worth fighting for no matter what the odds."
--Aria giving advice to Sophia of her love for Marcel
Sophia: "Don't ever think there won't be someone there. I'll always be here. I know I left once before, but now that you're here don't think I'm going to leave again."
-- Sophia to Aria about their friendship.
Aria and Sophia:
Why him?- What?- Why Klaus what did he do to earn your love.- Out of all the beautiful, pretty roses, he was able to find a Daisy.
-- Aria and Sophia on Klaus

Sophia and Aria reunite

Aria.....-How do you know my name?-It's me Sophia (remembers she compelled her.) Oh my god.

In Rubbed raw and Reeling

I'm so sorry Sophia I don't know what I've done. Please forgive me!

- Aria to Sophia ending of Rubbed Raw and Reeling.

Season 2Edit

(Sophia turns to Aria.)

Sophia- Remember we are here to have a NORMAL college experience.

Aria: I needed you and you weren't there.


Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit