TO2 Sophia

Sophia thinking about Aaron

Sophia thinking about Aaron.

After spending her summer romance with her boyfriend, Sophia beings the next chapter in her life by heading off to college with her best friends, Katherine and Aria as well as finding out that Brody is going to be her History & French teacher. She also had to deal her former husband who was thought to be dead. She warns him to stay away from her daughter. However, Sophia has been having strange dreams of living in Ancient Greece and being attracted to a young man named Aaron. When Katherine hears of this, she is unable to tell Sophia the truth due to the spell that Qetsiyah put on her. During a party thrown by Jay Sykes, Sophia notices Katherine's strange behavior and feels that someone is watching her. Katherine who starts to become covered in ice, eventually collapses and Sophia is helped by Brody and Nathan. Sophia also meets Brody's older twin sister, Alison Midnight. Sophia comes to learn that an ice spell was placed on Katherine. With Nathan's help, Sophia uses her fire element to create a small ball of fire that enters Katherine's body. The fire spreads within Katherine's body and eventually finds an ice sphere which melts the ice, returning Katherine to her normal state.

Starting Over (5)

Sophia with Addison and Aria.

Sophia is then shown a vision of her father from Brody, a memory from the past and that she will meet him soon. She also realizes that her real name is Cecilia. She gets a call from Marcel and gets a bouquet of lotus flowers sent by him, making her remember one of the special moments they shared during the summer. Sophia thanks Nathan for his help but they both eventually get into an argument as she blames him for turning her and her siblings into vampires even though he thought he was protecting her due to the daughter they lost. After Nathan leaves, Katherine comforts Sophia. While talking about Malia and whether Danielle should know the truth or not, Sophia has another strange dream even though she's awake. The dream is of the night Aaron gave her the one of the brightest stars in the night sky and proposes to her, revealing that he is her husband and she realizes that the dreams are actually memories. The next day, she is reunited with daughter, Malia.

Sophia continues to have more forgotten memories and learns more her past in The Voodoo. After Sophia sends Malia off to Klaus, she begins to remember her mentor and mother-like-figure, Andra and her protector, Calantha. They both were important people in her life and taught her about life, love and her magic, where Sophia learns that she is an Elemental Witch. Sophia also learns that her parents were powerful witches and she had to keep her identity a secret in order to protect herself. Sophia gets a surprise visit from Marcel and during Brody's class, Brody begins to talk about the ancient witch, Cecilia. He gets help from Eileen Remis and Sophia has a familiar feeling about the young woman. As Eileen talks about the history of Cecilia, Sophia regains another memory of Aaron and starts to regain her undying love for him. After class, Sophia tells Marcel about her true past and he becomes supportive for her, willing to do whatever he can to help as well as winning her heart completely from Aaron. He takes her back to her dorm and they plan a date then he leaves her to allow her to rest.


Sophia confronts Sapphire.

Some time later, Sophia wakes up to meet her aunt, Kayleigh but prefers to be called Kylie in the present time. Sophia comes to learn that she has an older brother who is out to kill her. Her aunt came to warn her about him so that she could protect herself but also had a longing to see her niece again after two-thousand years. Later, Sophia catches the culprit to who caused Katherine harmed in the previous episode. Sapphire wants revenge against someone and offers Sophia a deal; if she leaves her be, she will leave those Sophia cares about alone and will remove the ice that is blocking Sophia's life element as well as granting her the old grimoire to learn the ice element. Sophia agrees to this which ends up in an argument with Nathan and Marcel defending her. Kylie breaks up the fight and she comforts her niece. She then tells Sophia that Marcel is a good choice for her but it will be a test to see if he can truly be her new soulmate. Kylie can tell that the both of her niece and Marcel are in love with each other but Aaron was always the one for her. During her and Marcel's date, he tells her of Mikael and Esther's return, not wanting to keep the truth from her. Sophia feels that she is to blame for Mikael's return but agrees to allow Marcel, Danielle, and the others to handle it. He then asks her to dance under the moonlight sky.

The next day, while saying her goodbyes to her aunt, Sophia is given a silver gun to defend herself from Damien if he ever shows up and Calantha's grimoire which contains spells of eleven magic. Kylie explains to Sophia that Calantha wanted her to have it. Kylie then informs her niece that Agapios is within her. Sophia is confused by this but will find out what she means eventually. Kylie suggests that Sophia come out to London and say their goodbyes. Sophia returns to her dorm room and begins to remember who Eileen really is. She then sees a woman standing behind her. Cascadia uses her magic to knock Sophia back roughly into the wall, knocking her unconscious.

Sophia hurt 203

A weakened and wounded Sophia.

In Welcome to the Party, Sophia wakes up to find herself very weak and is strapped to a chair by the similar shackles that Calantha used against her two-thousand years ago. She is then shocked to find the woman who attacked her is her grandmother. Cascadia kidnapped Sophia because she wants revenge for the death of her son. Sophia learns of her parents' past and to why Cascadia wants revenge.

Sophia talking to Agapios 203

Sophia talking to Agapios

204 17(9)


Sophia sends the day with getting to know her father and has a sweet reunion with Eileen. She later attends the ? event in Paranormal Activity.

Sophia is on a mission to save Elijah in Going Back into the Past.

Sophia and the others head the Camp Crystal Lake in Friday the 13th.

Sophia reunites with Rebekah in Blood for Blood.

Sophia nearly regains all of her memories, retrieves some familiar items and is reunited with a few people from her past in A Special Reunion.

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