I am fighting for my family and friends. I cannot lose anyone else that I love. I do not know what my real name is, who I truly am, where I come from Sophia Zariah Mikaelson...she would gladly give up her life to save everyone and if it would bring her daughter back.


Sophia sees Macklyn.

In Always and Forever, she arrives in New Orleans along with her daughter. Going their separate ways in the city, Sophia sees a man staring at her and mysteriously disappears. Sophia goes into the bar where she meets Marcel Gerard and Camille. As she approaches Cami, they have a conversation. They talk about what the city is like, family drama, and Sophia finds out the Cami has met Elijah. As she begins to leave, she is approached by Marcel. When he tries to flirt with her but it doesn't work and sees her as a challenge. Sophia is reunited with Rebekah and discovers that Elijah has been daggered. At night, Sophia confronts Klaus demanding to know where Elijah is. She also reveals her identity as an Original to Marcel. Klaus refuses to tell her and Marcel finds their fight amusing. She begins to let Marcel know that just like Elijah, he should fear her but he only takes an interest in her more. Later, Sophia and Klaus get into a heated arguement about their family. Sophia lets Klaus know that she has never been this disappointed in him. Sophia and Rebekah continue their quest to find Elijah.

Pll s3ep4-5


In All You've Got, Sophia is working with Rebekah trying to find out where Elijah is. At night, Sophia and Rebekah find Hayley in danger when some vampires try to kidnap her. Bex and Sophia kill the vampires, saving Hayley and take her home. When they arrive home, Klaus is angry with Rebekah and Hayley for the trouble they've cause and Sophia tries to calm him down. They then learn that Marcel has Elijah.

The next day, she runs into Marcel and as she tries to avoid him, he asks her out on a date. She decides to go on the date only to find out where Elijah is. They get to know a bit about each other on their date and she brings up Elijah. She demands to know where her brother is because Klaus has already confessed that Marcel has him. Before Marcel can answer, Thierry shows up and threatens that she will never see her brother again. Before she can make a move, Marcel breaks Thierry's neck. As he apologizes to Sophia about it, Rebekah appears threatening to kill him if they don't tell him where Elijah is. Rebekah lets him go and Marcel decides to take them to Elijah. They meet Davina and finally find Elijah but Davina refuses to let them take him. Davina throws Rebekah out the window upsetting Sophia. She shows Marcel and Davina her powers, showing that she is one person that you don't want to mess with. Davina uses her powers to make Sophia forget about her, that they have Elijah, and only to remember she had a great time on her date with Marcel. The next day she wakes up in Marcel's room and he tells her she had a little too much to drink and he like to take her out again sometime. When she returns home, Rebekah discovers that Davina wiped Sophia's memory of last night. 

In Tangled Up In Blue, Sophia is still out and about, trying to remember where Elijah was last seen. As her siblings plan their next action, first to ask Marcel for Elijah back. Second, to go to war. Later, Klaus, Sophia, Danielle, Rebekah, Mattias and the witch coven discuss their plan: Cast a locator spell to find Elijah, while Katie performs a much bigger spell at the same time. This way, hopefully, Davina will only sense Katie’s spell and another coven mate’s. But this will almost be a death sentence for Katie and other witches involved. When Klaus remembers Marcel asking if Sophia is coming to the Masquerade Ball, he calls her, insisting that she go. Not wanting to go, Sophia invites her new friend, Cami, as well.

Imageedit 117 9627328209

Sophia with Rebekah, Cami, and Klaus.

They arrive at the party and meet up with Cami. Sophia introduces Cami to her siblings but Cami already knows Klaus. At the bar, Marcel accuses Rebekah of bringing Cami to the party but Sophia steps in telling him that she invited Cami. Sophia blows Marcel off as he continues flirting with her and Rebekah saying that they're right for each other. Sophia later dances with Marcel and they both admit that there is a connection they feel between them. However their moment is interrupted when Marcel leaves to care of Thierry.
Sophia Masquerade

Sophia at the Masquerade Ball

Sophia meets up with Matthias and he begins to ask her of why she won't give up on Klaus. She then receives a text from Rebekah that plan failed. She goes to find Klaus and sees him talking to Marcel. As she is left alone with Marcel, she tells him that she is not judgmental for his behavior and actions. When Klaus and Sophia meet up Rebekah back home, the girls learn that Klaus had killed Katie which nearly cost them Elijah. In the French Quarter, Marcel appears and they share one more dance.

Back home, Klaus tells Sophia not to get too close to Marcel. 

Imageedit 77 6895279534edited

Sophia with Marcel

In The Ultimate Game, Sophia is on the phone talking to Katherine, trying to get her to come to New Orleans but she still refuses to come. Cami introduces Sophia to Serena and they go to the music festival. While they are there having fun, Marcel makes his appearance and assures Sophia that he will return Elijah. She continues to enjoy the music festival until Klaus joins her. He tells her of his past with Macklyn, how he was like a son to him.

Later, she starts her search for Elijah and finally finds him in the attic of the church. She sees her sleeping brother who and to Sophia's surprise, he opens his eyes and stares at her. Sophia finds herself in a dream-like state in front of a carriage. Elijah reveals himself behind her, happy to see her, and tells her that he sent her into a memory of his to properly communicate with each other. He tells her that Davina removed the dagger and he will be able to leave in a few hours. Sophia promises him that he will continue to take care of everyone. She goes to the church and finds Danielle on lying on the floor. She tries to help her but gets no response then blames Klaus for putting her daughter in danger. After Klaus leaves, Sophia heals Tim and compels him to forget everything that has happened. After, Sophia takes Danielle home, Sophia is approached by Serena who reveals that she knows Sophia and her family's true identities. Later. Sophia sees Marcel at the bar and he comforts her after her fallout with Klaus. She then gets a phone call from Katherine whom wants the details on Marcel.

Sophia 105

Sophia talking to Serena.

In Sinners and Saints, Sophia gets to know a bit about Serena while taking care of Danielle. Sophia learns that Serena is searching for her parents whom have been missing for 10 years and Mikael was the last to see them. Sophia tells her that's impossible because Mikael was entombed by Abby Bennett 20 years ago. She then feels that Elijah may know something about it.

Sophia along with Rebekah agree to go to the bayou with Hayley and Sophie. Later, they are spotted by one of Marcel's minions and Rebekah calls Klaus to take care of the problem while Sophia returns home. Sophia and Serena begin to bond until Danielle wakes up screaming from a nightmare. Danielle tells Sophia that she was standing in the bayou, covered in blood, dead bodies were around her, and there was also a red moon. Sophia then promises Dani she won't let anything happen to her. Back downstairs, Sophia meets Brody and they are not off to a friendly manner but are then interrupted by Felix Hackett whom attacks them. Sophia fights Felix head on but she realizes her is no ordinary vampire hunter. He gets the upper hand when he tackles her to the ground and nearly stabs her in the back with the white oak stake and breaks off the white oak stake, leaving the broken tip stuck in Sophia's back. He tells her that he will let her suffer from the pain of the white oak tip in her back and the loss of her daughter. Hayley and Rebekah arrive soon after, managing to get the tip of out Sophia's back. At night, when Sophia, Rebekah, and Hayley bonding, Klaus walks in with Elijah. After Elijah hugs Rebekah, he goes to Sophia, kisses her forehead and they smile at each other. She joins him outside and tells him of Dani having nightmares of people being murdered and they are coming true.

Later, Marcel takes Sophia to the bar and gives her a diamond necklace. He tells her he wants to be more but wants to start by being her friend. 

Sophia hugs Bex

Sophia hugs Rebekah

Sophia goes to see Sophie in Fruit of the Poisoned Tree to get help of how to enter someone's dreams. They are interrupted when unknown people attack. They are held hostage by Agnes. Sophia learns from Agnes that Esther sealed Neoma, a powerful demon, inside of Sophia as when she was a child. Sophia was also tortured so that they could slowly kill Danielle. Later, Sophia is saved by Rebekah. At the end of the episode, Sophia tells Elijah that Esther is not her mother and she knows who's been trying to kill her daughter: Sophia, herself.

In Blast From the Past, Sophia reflects back on the past of Aria.

Sophia 108

Sophia returns to New Orleans.

Sophia and Danielle are out of town in The War Begins. While spending time with her daughter, she feels something is wrong back in New Orleans and hurries back along with Danielle. They find Klaus tied up in chains by the vampire led by Marcel and Rebekah. Sophia and Danielle take Klaus home. Sophia is disappointed by Rebekah and Elijah actions and leaves the Mikaelson Mansion with Klaus, Danielle, and Hayley. Later, Marcel comes to see and her tries to apologize but she refuses to accept him and no longer trusts him.

In the next few days, Sophia is trying to get in contact with Katherine whom apparently shows up to surprise her. Katherine's way of cheering Sophia up over her heartbreak by Marcel and betrayal from Rebekah, is to give her an all girls day and later throwing her a party. Sophia gets a young dog named Finna from the pet store. Later, Sophia and Katherine are at the Nightlife Party. Katherine gets Sophia to spill the details of her relationship to Marcel. Sophia admits that she feels an instant connection with him and she is afraid of falling in love again due to past experiences of having been in love yet Katherine tells her she has to give Marcel a chance. Sophia joins Katherine in having fun by dancing with some cute guys.


Sophia crying of learning the truth from Katherine.

Later, Sophia sees Katherine's hair turning gray and after Katherine leaves, Sophia goes after her. Sophia confronts Katherine on this matter, trying to figure out why her hair is turning gray and why she is eating junk food in which she hates. Katherine reveals the truth that she is human. The cure was shoved down her throat by Elena Gilbert and she is dying of old age. She has a few months left and there is nothing that can be done about it. Sophia is hurt that Katherine had kept the truth from her all this time and is ready to give up. Sophia admits that she has lost two of brothers (Finn and Kol), if she loses Katherine as well, she is going to fall apart. Back home, Finna is trying to make Sophia feel better but has no luck. Klaus comes into her room and she reveals Katherine's situation. Klaus kisses her forehead and tells her, "Sophia, my loving sister...Throughout the thousand years I have lived, you are one the amazing people I have known. When you want to help someone, you always find a way...You are a strong woman who has never given up." She thanks him and goes back to the party to find Katherine but instead bumps into Marcel. He lets her know that she can't keep pushing him away but she assures him that she can. He refuses to give up on her and at some point, she will let him back in. He will win her heart, no matter how long it takes.

SophiaKatherine hug 109

Sophia hugs Katherine before she leaves.

Sophia finds Katherine at the bar and informs her that she is there for her but she still needs her in her life. Tomorrow morning, Sophia and Elijah help Katherine putting her luggage in her car, ready to get back to Mystic Falls. Sophia lets Katherine know that she is her best friend, her sister, her everything, and is a big part of her life and would hate to lose her.

In Bring It On, Sophia takes Hayley to the bayou so that she can find out more about her family. They see Eve who warns them that someone is coming soon and about how the baby will possibly start a new bloodline. Eve then leaves and both Sophia and Hayley are surrounded by an army of hundreds of vampires and witches. Sophia orders Hayley to run while she takes care of the army. Sophia prepares to fight.


Sophia devastated by Danielle's death.

Later on, Macklyn appears ending the fight and tells Sophia to go to the house on top of the hill to see the person who is leading the army and wants her daughter dead. Sophia enters the house and goes into a room to see someone from her past. Shocked by this, Sophia comes to the realization that her best friend has become her enemy. Klaus and Rebekah arrive and they are surrounded by witches holding white oak stakes. They are later taken outside to witness Danielle's upcoming death to revive Neoma. It is revealed that Neoma somehow was moved to Danielle's body being sealed within her. Neoma wants to revenge against the Originals and to rule all supernatural creatures. Sophia and Klaus find out that Rebekah knew of what would happened if Danielle had died. Sophia not being able to handle Danielle's death, goes out of control with her powers of elements. Klaus manages to stop her by breaking her neck and with Marcel's arrival, Klaus tells Marcel to take Sophia away.

Sophia is seen her new home with Vanessa, Brody, Jayne, and Bethany at the beginning of Eclipse of the Heart. After gathering them to discuss why she brought them there and what her goal is, the episode goes back 10 hours earlier. She is seen being comforted by Klaus during Danielle's memorial. As it ends, she places her favorite picture of her daughter on the stone tablet. After the event is over, Sophia requires help from Brody, seeking allies in order to decide her next course of action against Neoma. Brody uses her ability to find Jayne Rutledge, a siren whom has searches desperately to find where she belongs. Sophia manages to persuade Jayne to join her by promising Jayne that she will give her something she's always wanted; a family. Next, Sophia meets Bethany Thompson, Elijah's former lover. The two get off to a great start as Sophia promises to make sure that Bethany gets another shot with Elijah. As Sophia returns to her new home, she is confronted by Vanessa. She finds out that Vanessa has been spying on her. Vanessa points out that Sophia is gathering allies for an important cause and needing to put someone down for good. Vanessa is worried that Sophia is becoming someone she's not.

At night, Sophia recieves a call from Rebekah about Davina and Tim being poisoned. Sophia vamp-speeds there quickly and manages to save their lives. At the the Abattoir, Sophia carrying a sleeping Davina gives her to Marcel whom thanks her. She slaps Klaus and yells about him about nearly killing Davina and Tim. Klaus tells Sophia that Davina sealed her fate when she stood against him and yet he believes that he still remains redeemable as ever. He changes the subject into Sophia's recent actions shocking Elijah and Rebekah. When they all try to get through to her, she refuses to listen. She has fully lost hope, she feels lost knowing she is not a Mikaelson, and the bond between the family is broken. When Danielle died, Sophia's heart died then leaves.

At her new home, Klaus arrives hoping to break through to Sophia one last time. He tells her that she shouldn't go down the path she's taking. She is pure and that light that surrounds her, makes everyone stronger. She replies that her light made her weak which got Danielle killed. The darkness has taken hold of her heart yet she promises him that she will always love him, Elijah, and Rebekah and will do anything for them but she will no longer be the person they once knew. The sister that they have loved all these years, will have to let her go because she is no longer with us. Klaus looks like he is about to cry until he kisses Sophia's forehead and Marcel approaches them. Klaus leaves them so her and Marcel can talk. Marcel tries to talk Sophia out of killing Neoma because there's a possibility that Danielle won't come back but she refuses to listen. She tells him to give up on her and let go of his feelings but he cannot do that. He sees that she is hurting and blames herself for not being able to do anything to protect her daughter. She's just putting on some costume to act like somebody else so that she won't let anybody know what she's really feeling right now. Marcel refuses to give her up then strokes her chin while he stares intensely at her. When he asks if she sure she won't change her mind, nearly hesitates but keeps her ground. She tells him that she'll still be around to help those she loves he almost thinks its her way of telling him she loves him yet she happily replies that she cares about him and Davina. After he leaves, she watches the moon in the sky.

Sophia arguing

Sophia arguing with Elijah.

Sophia's dark personality really comes into play in Rise from the Grave. After learning of her allies abilities, the mansion suddenly begins shaking. Sophia receives a call from Marcel and hurries to the Abattoir along with her allies. When learning of Davina's powers going out of control which could destroy New Orleans, Sophia sides with Marcel about not wanting Davina to be sacrificed and suggests an idea. There will be a sacrifice but Davina will not be the one to die, instead Sophie will take Davina's place. Sophia will transfer Davina's uncontrollable powers to Sophie whom disagrees with the idea. Brody brings Sophie's friend as a request from Sophia. Sophia tells everyone that Sophie's friend is also one of the witches who threatened to kill Dani. Sophia then kills the witch by ripping off her head, which shocks everyone. She then criticizes Sophie about how she just got her friend killed and what she did to Dani including Sophia will not let Davina suffer anymore. Everyone agrees to this except Elijah. 

Sophia goes to see Davina whom thanks her for everything she's doing for her. Sophia promises Davina that she will never let anything bad happen to her. She then finds out about Kol being resurrected which Rebekah kept a secret. Sophia, clearly upset, is confronted by Elijah. He tries to stop her from doing this act she's placing upon Sophie however she believes that he is defending Sophie. Disappointed in him that he would defend the person who killed his niece and has tried to kill Davina several times. He states that he is only trying to keep her off that dark path including the fact she is his sister but she stops him there. Sophia tells him that she is not his sister and he knows that they aren't blood so they aren't really siblings. She then criticizes him about killing Nathan, Agnes and any other life that he's took for those whom hurt his family. Elijah states he does not care about that because even if they aren't blood, they still grew up together and he loves her like his own sister. He does not want her to become something she's not which will lead her to where she will have no redemption, but for her, its too late for that. 

Emotional Sophia

Davina tells Sophia about Danielle's presence.

Later, Sophia begins the process of transfering Davina's powers into Sophie. Sophia takes Davina's hand and Sophie's hand then a telltale glow appears from their hands. Davina begins to look better and she thanks Sophia. As Sophia gives Davina a small smile, she feels something touch her shoulder. Davina tells Sophia that its Danielle and believes that Dani doesn't want her mother to do this but Sophia walks away and says it not her decision. As the Harvest begins, Sophia transfers Davina's powers into Sophie. Sophia slices Sophie's throat and all the stages stop. Sophia attempts to finish the ritual by repeatedly calling on the reaping to resurrect the four girls. However, due to someone else secretly taking the power, it did not go to the earth, and the girls do not revive. She speaks to Davina on the matter but she knows nothing about why its not working unless all that power went somewhere else. Sophia catches up with Brody, Bethany, and Jayne in the French Quarter but they are attacked by Sabine and three other witches. Sabine reveals herself as Celeste Marie Helene Dubois, Elijah's lover from back in the 1800s. Sophia finds out that Klaus was responsible for Celeste's death which Elijah failed to mention and is shocked by this. When Celeste demands that she come with her, Jayne, Bethany, and Brody get ready to fight but Genevieve uses her magic to inflict pain on the three of them. Sophia begs her to stop and agrees to go with them. She leaves with Celeste, Genevieve, Papa Tunde whom escorts her, and Bastianna Natale as she looks back at her allies whom lie unconscious on the ground.   

Sophia dead

Sophia's death.

Sophia is killed by Christabella Marcoux in The Recluse. However by the end of the episode, her eyes unexpectedly open, unknownly somehow has been brought back to life.


Dark Sophia

In Long Way Back from Hell, Sophia confronts Christabella about what she has done to her. Sophia learns that she is losing her vampire powers and will not be a vampire anymore due to Christabella killing her. It's revealed that she was ordered to do this by Sophia's biological mother as she never wanted that life for her. Before Sophia can get more answers, Christabella leaves as Genevieve comes in. Genevieve begins to reveal the truth of Rebekah's hidden past. Sophia reunites with Klaus, finding themselves in Genevieve's memories. Rebekah and Marcel's love had led to them conspiring to get rid of Klaus and Rebekah had manipulated Genevieve into summoning Mikael. After learning of Rebekah's betrayal that almost got Klaus and Elijah killed, Sophia allows the darkness to take over, once again becoming Dark Sophia. Later, Dark Sophia finds Rebekah and informs her that she is not Sophia, she is the darkness within her. Dark Sophia confronts Rebekah on her actions and lies from 1919. She then launches a fireball at Rebekah whom dodges it. Dark Sophia eventually teams up with Klaus to kill Rebekah. However, Elijah and Marcel stop them, saving Rebekah in the process. After Dark Sophia and Klaus awaken, they go in search for Rebekah once again and find her with Elijah. During this, she realizes she is losing her vampire strength. Klaus keeps Elijah busy as Dark Sophia goes after Rebekah. Dark Sophia criticizes Rebekah for her treachery and betrayal. She also reveals it was her that day when Sophia was going out of control after seeing Danielle's death. Rebekah tries to reach through to her sister but Dark Sophia tells her it's no point and tries to kill her but Rebekah is once again saved by Marcel. Dark Sophia reveals that she was once Neoma's light until she was banished after Neoma became evil due to losing her family five-thousand years ago. Elijah promises Dark Sophia that they will help Neoma and Dark Sophia lets Sophia take back control. After Sophia returns to normal, she puts Rebekah on trial.


Sophia and Klaus

Sophia allows Rebekah's plea to give Marcel forgiveness. She then is no longer able to smell blood and no longer feels the hunger for it. Rebekah reveals her reasoning for summoning Mikael was to rid of Klaus so that she could have the freedom to love and also so that Sophia and Elijah would be rid of the burden by trying to find his redemption and live their own happy lives. Klaus attacks Rebekah but Elijah saves her and takes the stake from Klaus. As the brothers fight and vamp speed, Sophia finally catches up as she has also lost her vampire speed. Sophia kisses Elijah's cheek and tells him to let Rebekah and Klaus settle things. She then stabs him in the heart with Papa Tunde's blade and he falls to the ground, gasping in agony. Klaus praises her but she tells him not to get happy because she will remove the blade soon and walks away. Later, Sophia. returns as Rebekah wakes wakes up after Klaus stabbed her with the white oak stake. Sophia removes the removes Papa Tunde's blade from Elijah's chest and helps him up. Sophia confronts Rebekah to tell Klaus and Elijah of another secret that she has been keeping. Kol has been brought back to life by Davina and has been hiding at Alice's apartment. Davina wasn't able to bring back Danielle and brought back Kol at Dani's request. Sophia believes that Rebekah kept that from them because she didn't trust them. Rebekah tells her that trusts them but felt that the fewer people who knew about him, the better. and she was only thinking of his safety. Sophia then goes to see him but bumps into Marcel. He questions her to why she can't forgive Rebekah. She states Rebekah has been keeping so many secrets for a long time and one of those secrets cost Danielle her life. She loves Rebekah and her other siblings even though they aren't blood but it hurts too much because it's a family member that betrayed her. So Sophia is willing to do whatever it takes to get her daughter back, even giving up her own life. Marcel disagrees with this matter and Sophia kisses him passionately, thanking him. She is finally reunited with Kol. Things become emotional when she tells him that she wants him to leave and not come back until things are safe as she cannot bear losing him all over again. Also, when she gets Danielle back and somehow ends up dying, she wants for Kol to look out for her daughter.

With Davina's help, Marcel was able to locate Qetsiyah's wherebouts in Moonlight Sonata. During the Mikaelson Ball, Sophia is dancing with Elijah and becomes angered when she sees Neoma. Elijah reacts quickly and twirls Sophia around then she's suddenly in Marcel's arms and they begin to dance. He brings up their kiss but she wants to change the subject. He tells her he's found a way to bring Danielle back to life. She will need the element called Life and the resurrected witch, Qetsiyah can teach it to her. Before they can continue their conversation, he wants her to just keep dancing with him. After the dance is over, Sophia walks with Marcel outside and they share a moment. Later, she is having a drink with Katherine and Radmin until Aria interrupts them. Aria and Katherine's friendly reunion doesn't last long with Sophia tells Katherine that Aria had a part in Danielle's death. Aria begins to make rude and smart remarks about Danielle causing Sophia to punch Aria in the face. Klaus steps in to stop the upcoming fight and Brody suddenly has a vision of many people dying in an explosion. Klaus and other vampires smell gasoline. Klaus quickly grabs Sophia and Katherine as others escape as well. Brody, Bethany, and Thomas decide to stay behind to keep Genevieve, Papa Tunde, and Neoma inside the building. The explosion was revealed to be caused by Felix. Brody, Bethany, Thomas, and Genevieve were the only ones who died.

Sophia along with Elijah and Klaus return to Mystic Falls in TO/TVD Special after recieving a call from Bonnie about Katherine's condition. They arrive at the Salvatore Boarding House and meet Katherine's long lost daughter, Nadia Petrova who allows Sophia and Elijah to see her mother. Nadia escorts them to the guest room to where Katherine is staying. Katherine is shocked to see Sophia has come, wondering how she found about and Sophia informs her that Bonnie called. Katherine does not want her best friend to see her in this state and becomes emotional as she does not want to die. Sophia vows that she will save her and the others who have died. Bonnie comes in and Sophia informs her that she needs to see Qetsiyah. Before Bonnie can reply, Qetsiyah appears behind Bonnie, shocking Katherine and Bonnie. Qetsiyah agrees to help Sophia learn the next element and tells her to prepare. Sophia reunites with her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy Gilbert. Sophia tries to get away from him but he wants to talk to her. She refuses to listen to his excuses about why he killed Kol and criticizes him about his and Elena's selfish actions. She then tells him that she hates him and never wants to see him again, if she does, she will kill him before Kol even gets the chance.

SophiaQetisyah magic

Sophia learning the new element with Qetsiyah's help.

During the night, Sophia manages to learn the new element with Qetsiyah and Bonnie's help just as Katherine dies. As Katherine almost passes over, Sophia finds Katherine in the memory of when they found Katherine's family had been killed by Klaus. She says that it was the worst day of her life, and that Damon told her it was all her fault and that she deserves it. She says that she thinks Damon was right, she doesn't even deserve to be loved. Sophia disagrees and takes away the deceased members and blood in the memory then creates a crib, with a crying baby in it. Katherine walks up to it and finds the baby to be Nadia. Katherine picks up and thanks Sophia. As room turns to light, Sophia tells Katherine that it's time to come home. Back in the real world, Katherine is resurrected and looks young again. Later, Sophia sits with Qetsiyah outside and she thanks her for her help. Qetsiyah reveals that she knew Sophia's mother and she will reveal herself when the time is right. After asking questions about Jayne, Qetsiyah gives Sophia earrings and a bracelet that belonged to Sophia's mother. Sophia thanks her and leaves Mystic Falls with her brothers. In the final scene of the episode, Qetsiyah reveals the a hidden secret to Katherine. Sophia's real name is Cecilia and Qetsiyah is her mother.

In Taking Charge, Sophia is ready to bring back the people who are still on the Other Side and also to head into the final battle against Neoma, even if it means dying. Sophia gives Jayne a the locket that contains a the Siren's Tear that she received from Qetsiyah. Jayne learns that is belonged to her ancestor and that she can only use it once. Later, Sophia is walking the streets of the city and uses her new element to bring Bethany, Thomas, Genevieve, Celeste, and Brody back to life and is successful. She remembers a special memory of Danielle of when they were on their way to New Orleans. Sophia looks up at the stars and tells Danielle that she will bring her back, she just needs to take care of something first. After the war begins, Sophia is held by Macklyn whom is challenging Neoma. He tells her that he has the one that was once her light and to come get her if she wants her. Neoma hears Macklyn words and crushes her throne's armrest and screams. She raises her hand and suddenly, Sophia, Macklyn, and Klaus are brought to her. Elijah and Rebekah are standing nearby until they use their vamp speed to grab her but her strength beats them. Blood begins to fill the floor and demons rise from it then Sophia becomes Dark Sophia, ready to take on Neoma.

Sophia Fate

Sophia sees Future Danielle.

Sophia heads into the final battle with Neoma in Fate. Sophia along with Dark Sophia's help was able to finally defeat Neoma. After the battle, Sophia is greatly injured. Klaus and Elijah quickly hurry over and help her up, taking her over to Neoma. Sophia tells Neoma that she must let go of the rage and hatred that she holds onto and to forgive herself. Sophia knows how Neoma feels as Danielle was killed right in front of Sophia and she lost her husband, Sophia hated him for betraying her and her siblings yet she still loved him. Neoma agrees and Neoma's light comes out of Sophia's body and enters Neoma. Her light has finally forgiven her and as Sophia's body begins to glow, she tells Neoma to find peace, to go to her loved ones. Neoma thanks her and Sophia's body begins to glow even brighter. She finds herself in the park. Unknown to what she is doing there, she sees Danielle playing with a dog nearby. Danielle looks a slightly bit older, about seventeen to eighteen. Danielle greets her mother and tells her that she is not the Danielle of that time. Not understanding, Future Danielle tells her that she is not a vampire anymore and is back to being a witch. She still holds the decision to if she wants to go back being a vampire and for the past year, has been continuing living out her life as a normal girl, seeing if she want to keep living like that. Future Danielle informs her mother that she'll meet her mother soon and will learn a lot of new things about herself. Future Danielle also informs her mother to tell Marcel to lay off Leon whom they will meet soon and not to worry about Jayne too much. As Future Danielle walks away with her dog, she turns back to look at Sophia and tells her that she loves her. Before Sophia can respond, a bright light appears and Sophia finds standing in front of Neoma with a few unknown people ouside, enjoying their time together. She quickly comes to realize that it must be Neoma's family. Neoma and her family smile at Sophia and a door appears near her. Neoma thanks her and Sophia smiles then opens the door walking inside into a bright light.

The Originals - Episode 1.20 (2)

Sophia with Elijah, Hayley, and Klaus.

In Parting Ways, Sophia is in Danielle's room, watching her daughter sleep. Hayley comes in and sits next to Sophia, asking how Danielle's doing and what they plan to do now that they're both back to being witches. Sophia knows that Hayley seeks advice on what to do about her baby. Sophia tells Hayley that she has to do what is best for her daughter. As a mother herself, she has to think about her child's future. Hayley asks Sophia for the honest truth if she were in her position. Sophia concludes that if she was in Hayley's place, she would let the baby go in order to protect her. Later, Sophia attends the funeral that she threw for Neoma. Outside, she walks with Elijah, Hayley, and Klaus and she is questioned by Hayley on why she threw a funeral for Neoma when she killed Danielle and Sophia says that she wanted to do something nice for her as she was just an eighteen year old girl who was a victim and suffered from a tragic event. Hayley tells Klaus and Elijah to go on ahead so that she can speak to Sophia alone. Hayley tells Sophia about what happened to Jayne while they were fighting Felix and Sophia decides to look further on to the matter. During at the party at Rousseau's, Sophia is in the back room looking through books that contain different supernatural species. Brody joins her and she confronts him on why he didn't tell her about Jayne having white feathers. Brody admits to it and places his hand of her cheek. She sees Jayne's transformation of her eyes turning ocean blue color and white wings emerge from her back. Sophia believes it to be a valkyrie. Brody then asks Sophia if she sure she was born a thousand years ago as she had a vision of her wearing ancient greek clothing during the ancient times. Before they can continue their conversation, Jayne interrupts and gets them to come back to the party.

Solijah hug

Elijah and Sophia hug.

The next day, Sophia goes to clothing store, H&M, with Vanessa, Jayne, and Bethany shopping and spending time with her friends then Danielle comes in to inform her about Elijah's idea of a bodyguard for her which she is against and Sophia agrees. However, after Davina gives her the list of bodyguards, Sophia changes her mind and sees no problem to it. Sophia skips out on Serena's Party and is over at the port. Marcel joins her and they confess their love for each other but agree to take things slowly as they have all the time in the world. Later, Sophia is out in the bayou when Elijah finds her. She questions him about her old life and new life. Elijah tells her that the life they shared together will always remain and will never fade away. Her new life will start a new chapter, adding to the storybook. She doesn't understand why does she continue to live after losing her. Elijah says that he kept living for Danielle and them but they will never forget her as he believes that she is always watching over them. They then hug, believing the bond that they have will always live on forever. Sophia later attends the gathering to where Klaus announces Elijah as the new Co-King and Marcel announces Danielle as the first Queen of New Orleans. Sophia then bid farewells to Rebekah and gives her something that she's always wanted; to become human

In The Calling, Brody's vision of Jayne having a bigger purpose somewhere else finally takes place. Sophia parts ways with Jayne who heads off to San Francisco with Katie Sawyer.