These are the most important relationships within Sophia's life.



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"Don't you know, my love? I would go to the end of the world for you."
—Aaron to Cecilia
Aaron & Cecilia

Aaron was Cecilia's husband and soulmate. One could describe it as an eternal love. During the ancient times, Sophia was born as Cecilia and when she was seventeen, she met Aaron whom fell for her instantly though she was already engaged to another man. Yet as Aaron and her became friends, he was still unable to ignore his attraction and developing feelings towards her. Whenever one of them was in trouble, they would come to each other's rescue which lead to them growing closer and having many sweet moments together. Over time, Aaron's feelings for her grew stronger and he came to realize that she was the one he was meant to be with, his soulmate. After her fiancé's betrayal, Cecilia grew much closer to Aaron and his feelings were reciprocated. They soon began a relationship and he eventually proposed to her with them later getting married and having a son. Later on, for unknown reasons, their child was taken from them and Aaron was killed. Cecilia, hoping to find her mother and bring back Aaron and find their son, she created a new spell: The Eternity Spell, in order to live forever. Yet a price had to be paid to complete the spell, she had to give up her memories of her husband and son. She believed that one day she would her memories return in order to get her husband and son back. After two-thousand years, she has begun to regain her memories of him. While remembering him, she was never able to stop thinking about him and felt her connection with him was stronger than her connection towards Marcel.


"I will always love your mother. That's something that hasn't changed for a thousand years and it never will."
—Nathan to Danielle and Malia
Nathan Sophia Kiss 210

Sophia's ex-husband and first love during the Middle Ages. Nathan and Sophia met during Sophia's eighteenth birthday and started a friendship even though they both felt a strong attraction towards each other. As he along with other potential suitors for her, fought each other as they wanted her themselves. Esther and Mikael took a great liking to Nathan and he was chosen to become Sophia's husband. They continued their friendship until they were ready to get married. After a few months, they were wed and she had became pregnant with their twin girls. After their daughters' birth, their eldest child, Malia had died of stillbirth and shortly after, Henrik was killed causing Nathan to work with Mikael and Esther to turn Sophia and the others into the Original Vampires. Nathan had killed his wife in order to protect her and Elijah killed him for his betrayal. In the present day, Nathan is shown to still be alive, revealing that he too also became of Original Vampire. He has been trying to get close to Sophia again as he is still in love with her.

Marcel GerardEdit

Main article: Sophia and Marcel
"But you're also a challenge. A woman who can handle herself."
—Marcel to Sophia in Always and Forever
Marcel and Sophia

Marcel is Sophia's love interest and potential soulmate. At the beginning of the series, she sees him as an enemy but when he first sees her he takes an romantic interest in her. But throughout the series she starts to grow feelings for Marcel and tried to keep it a secret knowing the fact the Klaus will blow up. Marcel managed to make Sophia open up to him a bit. After learning Sophia's motives of wanting to find Klaus' redemption, Marcel encouraged her and offered his support. This lead to a growing friendship and he gave her a diamond necklace as a token of it. After that, they became closer but when she found Klaus chained up by Marcel, her sister, and his army, as they were planning to put him down, Marcel's relationship with Sophia began to fall apart but their chemistry was still there. Marcel soon admitted to her that he wasn't going to give up on her because he promised Katherine that he wouldn't and they shared their first kiss. Eventually, Danielle's death had occurred, putting Sophia on a dark path and Marcel trying to find a way to save Danielle in order to bring back Sophia's light.





Even though Sophia does not know whom her biological mother is, she has a strong relationship with her. Her mother seems to still be alive and has been watching Sophia during her life. Unknown to Sophia, it is revealed in TO/TVD Special that Qetsiyah is Sophia's mother.


Sophia Malia

Malia is Sophia's second child and oldest daughter. When Sophia gave birth to Malia and Danielle, Malia was stillborn which greatly devastated Sophia.


Sophia was reunited with Malia in Starting Over.

Danielle MikaelsonEdit

"I love my mom, she's best friend...She's always been there for me and I'm grateful for that. Can't imagine a life without her."
Danielle about her mother
MotherDaughter familyphoto

Danielle is Sophia's third child and youngest daughter. She loves her alot and wants nothing but the best for her. She and Danielle stick together no matter what and agrees that family comes first.  It is said by Rebekah while Sophia was pregnant with Dani and felt her moving inside of her, it made Sophia feel overjoyed. Its look her heart grew more and more. After Danielle's birth, Sophia and her siblings were turned into vampires. Sophia was able to control her bloodlust because of Danielle and was not willing to give up her daughter. As Sophia, Elijah, Rebekah, and Klaus swore, "Always and Forever", they left their home and Sophia brought Danielle along, raising her daughter as she grew up. (See Sophia and Danielle.)

Niklaus MikaelsonEdit

"I really don't care because to me...she is my sister. The memories we share, the time we spent together, Sophia never gave up on me."
Klaus to Marcel about Sophia in At Least With Sorrow

Sophia has complicated relationship with Klaus. They are half siblings but Klaus isn't always happy about that but deep down you can tell that he loves her. Sophia is trying to make everything work because she loves Klaus no matter what. She tries to spend as much time as she can with Klaus. They are slowly building a relationship. But things were ruined when Klaus found out about Sophia's love interest. He knew of Marcel's interest in Sophia, so Klaus decided to use Sophia in order to distract Marcel at times but this increased the sexual tension between the two and Klaus managed to break things off between them by going into war by Marcel. When Klaus was attacked and tied up by Marcel's army with Rebekah's help, Sophia's heart was broken and ended things with Marcel. However, Klaus was lectured by Serena about interfering in Sophia's love life but Klaus is preventing Sophia from getting hurt as she is getting involved with the wrong man even though he knows Sophia can take care of herself. Klaus feels if Sophia and Marcel are together, then she will be going through another burden like him. Serena lets Klaus know that Sophia loves him and never saw him as a burden. Klaus wanting Sophia to be happy, encourages Marcel to keep fighting for her. Klaus cares very much for his younger sister as she has always stood by his side for a thousand years and never gave up on him. (See Klaus and Sophia.)

Rebekah MikaelsonEdit

"When we were children, she would always protect from the boys that would pick on me. Sometimes, she would get bruises but she said it was worth it. She would never let a man lay a hand of me."
Rebekah to Marcel about Sophia in Long Way Back from Hell

Sophia and Rebekah are adoptive siblings, but are more close than ever. They spend a lot of time with family and friends. They are loyal to one another and protect each other. However, when Rebekah goes against Klaus and tries to put him down, it breaks the sisterly bond. Later on, Sophia learns of more secrets that Rebekah has kept from the family which drives a further wedge between the sisters including adding more rage to Sophia's dark personality. (See Sophia and Rebekah.)                  

Elijah MikaelsonEdit

"Even if we aren't blood, we still grew up together and no matter what anyone else saids, I still love you like my own sister."
—Elijah to Sophia in Rise from the Grave
Solijah hug

Elijah and Sophia are the same. They want to love and want their family to be what it once was. The two half siblings are having trouble getting Klaus to be closer with the family. But even with the ups and downs Elijah and Sophia always find a way to stick with family and love. When it is revealed that Sophia is not related to Elijah and her other siblings by blood, it saddens Sophia causing her to think that she really isn't a part of the Mikaelson Family. However, Elijah does not care if they are not related by blood because no one cannot tell him that it was all a lie. They grew up together and the memories that they share are real as he loves her like his own sister.


Eileen RemisEdit

Sophia Eileen 205

Cecilia's childhood friends from the ancient times.


Katerina PetrovaEdit

"She is the one person who never abandoned me."
—Katherine about Sophia
Sophia Katherine 205

Katherine is Sophia's BFF. Katherine had always been on her own until Sophia chose to be by her side. Sophia is one of the only people that Katherine can really trust. They always go shopping, they party and know how to have fun. However, their friendship was tested when Katherine came to visit Sophia in New Orleans. She finds out that Katherine has returned to being human and is dying from old age, keeping it a secret for months due to them never hiding anything from one another. Klaus cheers Sophia up and tells her to not give up on Katherine. Sophia believes she will find a way to save Katherine before time runs out for her. Later on, Sophia learned a new element from Qetsiyah that could save Katherine. In the end, Sophia was able to save her best friend a special gift; holding her daughter, Nadia Petrova, for the first time. Katherine eventually found out that Qetsiyah is Sophia's mother and learn of Sophia's true past. Katherine is unable to tell Sophia due to a spell Qetsiyah placed on Sophia. Katherine chose to move to New Orleans and agreed to go the college. Ever since then, their friendship has upgraded tremendously. (See Katherine and Sophia.)

Tatia PetrovaEdit

Bethany ThompsonEdit

BethanySophia hug

Sophia's close friend whom was also one of her allies during the war against Neoma.

Vanessa JosephineEdit


Jayne RutledgeEdit

Brody MidnightEdit



Cecilia's older brother.

Jeremy GilbertEdit

Sophia's ex-boyfriend.

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