Serena makes her appearance in The Ultimate Game. Cami introduces Sophia to Serena, her friend from college. She reveals to Sophia that she knows her and the rest of her family are the Orginals. She seeks answers of where her parents are as Mikael was the last to see them.

Serena 105

Serena talking to Sophia.

The next episode, she helps Sophia of watching Danielle. Sophia tells her that it is impossible that Mikael was the last to see her parents when he was entomed by Abby Bennett for almost 20 years whereas her parents have missing for 10 years. Learning Serena's full name, she belives that Elijah may have the answers Serena is seeking. Later, Serena confronts Sophia about her feelings for Marcel and tells her that should at least give him a chance and start by being his friend. When Brody arrives, they fall under attack by a vampire hunter named Felix Hackett, an acquaintance of Macklyn Barthlomew and enemy of Brody. Serena hides upstairs as Sophia tells her to do so. When Felix has the upperhand over Sophia and Brody, he goes upstairs only to be thrown out of the house by Danielle. Serena helps her as she faints.

In Blast From the Past, Serena meets Elijah whom tells her that he was the last person to see her parents but .

In At Least With Sorrow, Serena lectures Klaus about interfering with Sophia's love life. She also learns from Elijah that her parents are also dead. He tells her she is better off not knowing what had happened to them because the reason was death had always surrounded her family.

Serena 110

Serena surrounded by death.

In Bring It On, when Serena returns to New Orleans, she sees dead bodies lying all over the city. When she gets to her apartment to get help, a black hooded figure appears before her causing her to scream and run away. As she calls Elijah for help, everything goes black and her screams are heard. Elijah arrives to find Serena lying on the floor and he recongizes the figure standing before her. The black hooded figure warns Elijah that Serena's time will soon come and disappears. As Elijah tries to help Serena, he hears her mumbling the word, "Reaper". Hayley comes and tells Elijah that she will help Serena and that he should hurry to the bayou.

In Eclipse of the Heart, Serena and Cami go to Serena's mother grave and they are attacked by the Grim Reaper. Serena learns that the Grim Reaper wants her soul which he begins to suck out of her. Matthias shows up and save the girls in time. After waking up in Cami's apartment, Serena confronts Elijah for lying to her about her past. Elijah refuses to tell her the truth about her past because if he does, her life will never be the same. He has only been trying to protect her from sharing the same fate as her parents.



Serena makes a brief appearance at the end of Rise from the Grave. Serena confronts the Grim Reaper about why he wants her soul. She learns that he is the soul of the person reborn, someone who held her dearly to their heart; her father.

In Long Way Back from Hell, Serena learns of her family's history of how they worshiped Reapers as well as becoming them. She also finds out that her soul could grant the Reaper has full power and keep him in the world as she was suppose to be the next sacrifice. It is also revealed that Elijah knew her as a child and took care of her by her parents request.

In Moonlight Sonata, Serena confronts Elijah about her past and he admits it to being true.

In Taking Charge, Serena makes her choice to become the new Grim Reaper.

In Fate, Serena faces the Grim Reaper and wins the fight. She was able to save her father and free him from his never-ending life as the Grim Reaper. Serena then becomes the new Grim Reaper.

Serena plans her future in Parting Ways. She gets a visit from Elijah while at home and they talk about her being the new Grim Reaper. He tells her that he will always be there for her and he promised her parents after all. Serena then hugs Elijah. Serena later throws a party to celebrate everyone. She dances with Elijah and informs him of her plans to continue college but during the summer, she will be going to Miami.

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