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Sarah Orrella
Biographical information
  • June 21, 1916 (age 22/100+)
  • The Seducer
  • The Betrayer
  • The Genetic Mutation
  • Female
Family information
Significant Others

Lachlan Orrella (Husband)

Supernatural information
Played by
  • Debby Ryan
First seen

Sarah Orrella is a major recurring character who joins the Lunctus Academy with her husband after the tragedy and destruction that was placed upon the academy.


Sarah grew up as a confident and empowered young women. She was always looking ahead into her future, and her hopes were always very high. For as long as Sarah could remember, she and Roxana were the best of friends. They trusted everything in each other, and were barely inseparable. This friendship lasted all the way through and past their primary and high school days. However, throughout their college years, their friendship was completely rocked and destroyed. In Sarah’s biology studies class one day, she was pulled out and taken off campus to a secret facility. It was a secret government facility, which had just recently learned of supernatural species, and wanted to use these species as their soldiers in WWII, which was currently occurring. Sarah was top of her class in all of her science classes, which was why she was chosen to be a part of the team, representing the younger generation. Eventually the time came where the team needed a vampire test subject. Sarah was an incredible part of the team, and had advanced far from her entry position. She knew that this was her chance to really get herself know.

So on Roxana’s 22nd birthday, Sarah went over to her house and attacked her. Pinning her down to the ground. Roxana struggled and struggled but had no chance. Sarah then pulled out a needle full of a bloody liquidly substance, which had been given to her after she volunteered to gain the test subject, injecting it into Roxana. Sarah then brought Roxana to the facility, and she became their test subject. Although Sarah felt slightly bad for her actions she knew that it was what needed to happen. This was the time where Sarah met Lachlan. The two quickly hit it off and began to date. He then decided upon something that would completely change Sarah’s life forever. He decided, with Sarah’s permission, to use her as a Siren test subject. And unknowingly to anybody else besides, himself and Sarah, he also gave Sarah an injection of immortality, as well as himself, even though if others found out they would be executed. Sarah surpassed her tests and examinations by further than anybody could imagine.

She was then placed out throughout the world fighting throughout WWII. Her task was to bring down entire ship crews, before they could make it to the main land. Which, to nobody’s surprise, she was utterly amazing at. Then once the war ended, Sarah was pulled back to the facility. She was set to be apart of all the governments battles, though was placed in a terrible position. People found out about her and Lachlan’s immortality, and was planned to be executed for her act of treason as those vials were never meant for Sarah or Lachlan. So the two quickly packed up their lives and ran away. They soon got married.




Sarah's StoryEdit


Sarah’s personality is one that is very outgoing. She likes the attention that she can gain from her simple actions. Although she likes her new life, she does miss her old days living as a true siren, so she puts up quite a massive emotional blocking wall, in order for people to always think of her strong and never as weak. Basically, she’ll put out her personality as one that is far from the truth.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sarah’s fashion sense is very much just what is the current popular trend. She dresses very girly, usually wearing high heels and a a short dress for her outfits, and never leaves home without makeup on. Though her style mostly revolves around blue, water and the ocean, being a siren herself.



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