The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 12
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Written by KathrineAndJeremy4eva
Directed by KatherineAndJeremy4eva
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While Sophia still losing herself she tries to get Aria to remember her and finds out why she can't compel Aria to remember. Meanwhile Klaus and Elijah are being stalked by someone unknown, problem is they don't know if this person is alive or not. Davina leaves the quarter and runs into someone important to her and helps that person with a sticky situation. Aria makes friends with a very dangerous person trying to kill her and The Originals. Rebekah goes to desperate measures to get Sophia and Danielle (Neoma) out of town for good.


Main Cast Edit

  • Shay Mitchell as Sophia Mikaelson
  • Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson
  • Joseph Morgan as Niklaus Mikaelson
  • Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson
  • Zendaya as Neoma
  • Charles Michael Davis as Marcel Gerard
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Hayley Marshall
  • Danielle Campbell as Davina

Recurring CastEdit

  • Lucy Hale as Aria
  • Isabel Lucas as Christabella Marcoux


Davina: Where have you been this whole time? Why didn't you come get me.

Elijah to Aria: Sophia cares for you and I will find a way to get your memory back until then you are not leaving this house.

Klaus: Elijah open your eyes! Someone is stalking us!

Aria to Sophia both crying: I'm sorry okay. You did this to me! Took my memory I can't get it back. Aria to ???? : I had no idea where you were. I've had a lot on my hands. Elijah won't let me leave you have to help.


  • There will Sophia and Aria scenes.
  • Someone will get a important call.
  • Aria remembers someone she wishes she would have stayed with.
  • Two Originals will be badly hurt.
  • Damon Salvatore will be mentioned.
  • Davina will be reunited with someone who is important.
  • Aria will have a flashback with someone... it's a surprise.
  • Klaus and Elijah will return to Mystic falls but Elijah wants to stay hidden.
  • This episode mainly is about Aria and Sophia.
  • There will be a Klaus and Aria scene.
  • Rebekah will turn heads in this episode.
  • Cami does not appear in this episode.
  • Stay by Miley Cyrus describes this episode
  • Hayley and Aria will talk for the first time.
  • Sophia will try to kill Aria.
  • Aria gets one of her memories back by the help of a witch


Everything in New Orleans is starting to fall apart! Sophia is still trying to figure out why she can't compel Aria to remember her. While Aria gets a call from a very important person and makes a dangerous friend named Christabella Marcoux. Klaus and Elijah are being stalked by a uncertain person. They take a trip back to Mystic Falls to get answers. Marcel tries to get Davina to understand why he didn't let her go. But he never does. Rebekah needs help from a certain vampire and witch to get Sophia and Dani to leave town for good.......



Aria quietly sits on the couch.) ( Sophia walks in with a photo of her and Aria.)

Sophia:See that's me and you in 1910.

(Aria studies the picture.)

Aria: Im sorry I dont remember you.

(Tears start rolling down Sophia's face.)

Sophia: Please I dont have anybody just give something you know anything.

(Aria understands and wishes she could help. She lightly touches Sophia's hand.)

Aria: Why?

Sophia: What?

Aria: Why do you want me to remember when you compelled me to forget. I bet you didnt think not once about since that day. So why do I matter now.

Sophia: I just wanted you to be happy!

Aria: HAPPY? I've been in Mystic Falls wondering why nobody came for me.

Sophia: You were in Mystic Falls.

Aria: Yeah years now.

Sophia: We never saw you?

Aria were you friends with anybody?

Aria; Damon Salvatore and the people that know him.

Sophia: Has he been hiding you.

Aria: It's called protecting.

(Sophia gets up to kill him.)

Aria: Dont you dare touch him!

Sophia: Who do you think your are?

Aria: The girl who life is horrible and the only person who she really has is Damon.

Sophia: You have me!

Aria: I lost you the day I forgot.

(She pushed pass Sophia while she sits in silence.)

Sophia: What have I done?

For Sophia's Sake Edit

(Aria walks outside and calls someone.)

???: Hello

Aria: Damon?

Damon: What is it? Did Klaus do something?

Aria: No but you did.

Damon: What are you talk-

(She cuts him off.)

Aria: Why the hell didn't you tell me The Originals were in Mystic Falls! Is that why you were always moving me around?

Damon: I was only trying to protect you. Are you okay?

Aria: Yeah I'm perfect.

(She hangs up before he can say anything else. Klaus and Elijah walk up.)

Elijah: Hello I don't think we got off to a good start.... Aria is it?

(Klaus smirks.)

Aria: Yeah I have to go.

(Elijah grabs her arm.)

Klaus: Aria your not going anywhere until you figure out where your memory went.

Aria: Look I'm not friends with her!

Elijah: Please stay here for Sophia's Sake. She is my sister and I can tell she is broken. I'm begging you stay here for her.

(Aria rolls her eyes and goes inside as soon as she walks into the door Klaus and Elijah are thrown back.)

Klaus: What the hell!

(Shadows walk past them.)

Elijah Someone is here.

"If you ask me to stay I will stay" - Aria Edit

(Sophia is in a room trying to keep her magic under control when Aria walks in. Wind is blowing water is moving everywhere and candles are lighting off and on.)

Aria: What's going on?

Sophia: Get out!

Aria: I'd love too but your brother wants me to stay for memories that aren't real.

(Sophia now angry and fire comes out everywhere.)

Aria: Sophia calm down!

Sophia: Shut the fuck up! Just shut up!

(Aria and Sophia both shocked by what she just said.)

Sophia: Just leave no st-

(Aria sits next to her and cuts her off.)

Aria: If you ask me to stay I will stay.

"Open your eyes" - Klaus Edit

(Klaus and Elijah paces across the boarder.)

Elijah: Niklaus what have you done?

Klaus: I know that someone is here I can feel it.

Elijah did you upset a witch or someone on the other side?

(Klaus thinks for a moment.)

Klaus: Someone on the other side Father?

Elijah: No Nik father is dead!

(Elijah and Klaus start coughing up blood.)

Klaus: Open up your eyes Elijah! Who else could it be..

Two Ladies Running for each other Edit

(Davina is watching her stone sparkle. She smiles knowing that could only mean one thing she is back in town. Marcel walks in and Davina puts her stone away.)

Marcel: D we need to talk.

Davina: No we don't you lied to me end of story.

(Marcel sighs)

Marcel: You have to understand I was trying to keep you safe.

Davina: From what!? The last Elder was killed I could have been free.

Marcel: The witches still want to try and do the harvest I don't know what happened but someone is controling them. Vampires, wolfs all going to their side.

Davina: And you want to use me.

Marcel: Davina no-

(But she snaps his neck and grabs a book of spells a bag and her stone and climbs out the window.

(Meanwhile Aria watches Sophia Sleeping. Sophia screams in her sleep begging for them not to kill her daughter. A tear rolls down Aria's face feeling guilty.)

Aria: What have I done?

(She checks her phone to see if Damon had left a message and sighs when there is nothing. She hears noises downstairs and sees Hayley reading.)

Hayley: Who the hell are you.

(Aria smirks.)

Aria: Same attitude I like it.

Hayley: What?

Aria: Nothing could you do me a favor.

Hayley: What kind of favor.

Aria: Make sure Sophia doesn't find me.

(Before Hayley could reply Aria jumps out the window.)

Hayley: This is a fucking Crazy house.

(Davina runs into the woods and sees the person she is looking for and smiles.)

Daivina: Aria?

Aria: D, your here!

Dark Sophia Edit

(Sophia wakes up and grabs a knife looking for Aria.)

Hayley: Woah what are you doing?

Sophia: Where is she?

(Hayley grabs the knife from her hand.)

Hayley: Who are you talking about?

Sophia: Aria

It was you Edit

(Davina and Aria laying in the grass.)

Davina: So RiRi how was Mystic Falls?

Aria: You know I hate that nickname and it was....... okay I guess.

(Davina looks concerned.)

Davina: Aria what happened?

Aria: Lets talk about you like how are you doing since the whole Dani-

Davina: How do you know about her? Edit

Aria: I don't word just gets around.

(Davina puts all the pieces together.) Edit

Davina: It was you!

Aria: Its not my fault! If I backed out she'll kill me!

Davina: Nemona?

Aria: Yes Davina don't worry about it in the end something great will come out I.... Promise.

Davina: Really?

Aria: Yes I promise.

" Im sorry Okay" Edit

(Aria had come back to the originals home while Sophia and Hayley were waiting.)

Hayley: Um where the hell were you?

Aria: Oh shut it I'm not in the mood.

Sophia: And where was that cause the last time I checked you aren't aloud to leave the house!

(Aria ignores her and goes to her bed in the guestroom, Sophia and Hayley follow.)

Hayley: Look I don't know-

(Aria sits up crying)

Aria: I'm sorry okay this is just harder than I thought it would be. This isn't how things were suppose to go.

Sophia: Do you want to walk with me?

You'll have to fix her yourself Edit

(Sophia and Aria walking in a awkward silence.)

Sophia: Why?

Aria: Look I didn't have anything against Dani. Nemona told me I had to kill her.

Sophia: What so you could get revenge on Klaus.

(Sophia Evil laughs)

Sophia: Oh that is just rich Aria. You said Klaus was the monster when you killed my child!

(Aria looks down in shame. When a ringing noise comes in her hair and wind began Sophia looks at Aria with concern.)

Sophia: Aria whats wrong?

Aria: Ahhhh!

(Davina is doing a spell.)

Sophia: What the hell stop it!

Aria: Davina stop!

(Sophia has a confused look on her face on to how Aria knows Davina.)


Sophia: Green or Blue?

Aria: A green dress gross.

(Sophia laughs.)

Sophia: So whats going on with you and my brother?

Aria: What do you mean?

Sophia: Don't act like you don't know I see the way you two look at each other.

(Sophia bats her eyes.)

Aria: Oh stop!

(The girls giggle and flashback ends.)

Aria: Stop please!

Davina: I was only able to get one back you'll have to get the rest.

Sophia: The rest of what?

Davina:: Her memories whatever you did is way too strong for one witch to handle.

(Sophia helps Aria up.)

Aria: Soph?

Davina: She only has one memory you did this Fix her yourself...... and I mean fast I want my best friend back too you know.

(Davina leaves Aria and Sophia to walk back home.

I'll do Anything to get both of you back Edit

(Aria and Sophia walk in on Hayley.)

Hayley: Woah what the help happened to her.

(Sophia ignores what she just said.)

Sophia: Take Aria to the basement.

Aria: Why?

Sophia: Cause we don't want anyone to hear you screaming.

(Aria eyes widen in horror)

Aria: Sophia please no.

(Hayley looks at Aria with pity and drags her downstairs.

(Sophia does magic to try and get some more memories after a hour. Aria starts bleeding.)

Hayley: Sophia: I think that's enough.

(Sophia keeps going)

Hayley: Sophia!

Aria: Soph please!

(Sophia Stops.)

Sophia: Did you get anything?

Aria: No.

Sophia: Then we'll have to try tomorrow cause you killed my daughter and I know its not all your fault. So I'm going to get your memory back even if it kills you and your going to help me get my daughter back.

(Sophia leaves the room and Hayley helps Aria up to her room.)

Kill ThemEdit

(Rebekah walks into the french quater .)

???: So whats the deal?

Rebekah: Tone please Mother.

Esther: Just tell me why I'm here.

Rebekah: I need you to drive Sophia and Dani out of town.

Esther: But Dani is dead Sophia has gone crazy there is only one thing to do.......

Rebekah: Kill them.........


Family Reunion Gone Wrong Edit

(A shadow appears.)

Klaus: Whoever you are show yourself?

???: Now where's the fun in that.

Elijah: Kol?

???: And me.

Klaus: Finna?

???: Don't forget me uncle Klaus.

Klaus: Dani?

Kol: Lovely reunion isn't it?

(They all hear ringing noises and then Neoma appears in the shadows.)

The Originals