Neil Hopkins
Biographical information


  • Male
Family information
Supernatural information
Cause of death
  • Stake trough the heart (first time)
  • Sent back to The Underworld (second time)
Killed by
Played by
  • Neil Hopkins
First seen
Last seen


He was a vampire who crossed paths with Faith Lehane who killed him. His spirit was sent to The Underworld until he was somehow revived again. While being revived again, he appeared to be confused and could no longer sustain himself with human blood as he did before.

Season OneEdit

Philippe first appeared in The Calling in which he tracked down a young witch named Charlotte Whittaker in the hope that she could help him understand what happened to him. He later kidnapped her but she was able to escape after using her powers on him. He was able to find her again. When he tried to kill her, he was attacked by Jayne Rutledge. He was able to overpower her but then Faith Lehane arrived who later sent him back to The Underworld.


He was homicidal, he liked to torture people and was very sadistic. He also seemed to like to challenge people and play on their feelings as he did with Jayne when he tried to convince her to join him by telling her she would never belong anywhere.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He was a handsome young man. He had light brown hair and piercing blue eyes.



  • He was dead but somehow brought back to life again.
  • Jayne's powers had no effect on him.

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