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  • I`m KolClaire and I`m the founder and the bureaucrat from the german The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction Wiki

    My question is whether your team is interested in a partnership with my Fanfiction Wiki.?

    I'm still building my community at the moment, but it is getting bigger and I would also advertise in my wiki, for yours and in return, I would ask of you that you also advertise my Wiki in yours.

    Just think about it and give me an answer please.

    ​Best Regards

    105px-Neuee_Logo.jpg (Profil ¦ Message) 07:17, May 23, 2017 (UTC)

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  • TOF S3 Cast
    I had some questions about The Originals Fanfiction (If it alright for you)
    Klaus 302
    Serena 312

    I wanna know when the stories are coming out soon because I have become interesting in reading.

    Serena and Kol are possibly love interests because I want to see that:-) and also I'm so excited to read The Originals season three

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  • Hi I was wondering where the proper place to read the stories is because i just found this site yesterday and I don't want to start at wrong place.

    I also wanted to request premission to edit some of the pages, by which i mean grammar and putting the previously established information in because there are a lot of pages that have things stated in the descrption and not the info box or vice virsa and according to the Code of Conduct I'm suppose to ask before editing any thing.

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  • Hi Sophia/Cori, I wanted to ask if I could post my fanfiction on this wiki? I mean, I know there's one main story by you some others, but I think since it's called "The Originals Fanfiction", there should be more rival storylines.

    Get back to me as soon as you can.

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  • Just checking on you. Let me know if you need any help. I got a bang of new stuff. SALUTE GOD BLESS.

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  • how is the story been doing? I havent caught up lately

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  • Name: Serena Catherine Valentina

    Born: March 5, 1990

    Age: 16-17

    Marital Status: Single

    Titles/Nicknames: Blueberry Princess (referred by her best friend, Melody), S (Short for her name)

    Occupation: Student, Member  of  Pandora Coven

    Species: Witch-Wraith Hybrid

    Best  Friends: Melody Fuller

    Family: Kristine Valentina (mother), Ray Cruz (father), Audrina (first Wraith/ancestor), Jane (second Wraith/ancestor), Tia (third Wraith/ancestor), Sonja De La Vega (the final Wraith/ancestor), Unknown family ( from Audrina's side)

    ¨Physical Appearance/Fashion Sense: Long, wavy dyed dark blue hair, tall, slender, athletic, dark brown eyes. Her  Fashion Sense  is  amazing. She  always  wears designer  clothes, boots, and  jewelery. She is  known  for  her  tank  tops, classy  and  sexy  tops, skinny  jeans, and  heeled ankle-knee high boots and mini  skirts, zip bralet  tops, D&G  Signature  corset  tops, pumps.

    Personality: Strong-willed, fierce, vain, level-headed, intelligent, sweet, flirty, charming and confident

    Back-story: Serena is  the  only daughter  of  the  Witch-Wraith hybrid and the Vampire Hunter. She  was  born  into a witch family. She  was  the  descendant  of  her  ancestors that  looks like  her. Serena was a beautiful, sweet  and  shy  girl. She never  wanted  attention  from anyone  and  was  basically  just  trying  to  get  through  her  life  with  whatever  opportunities  arose  to  her. until  she  meets  Klaus  Mikaelson  and  explain to her  why  she  look  like  her  ancestors  and  revealed  that  it  she  was  her  but  she  has  a  ghost  image  of  her  ancestors, especially  one  seen  shortly  before  or  after  their  death.

    Love  Interest: Klaus  Mikaelson.

    Special Powers: Enhanced  Beauty, Poltergeist Physiology and Elementals/Elemental Spirits, Love Manipulation and Seduction Immunity, Subliminal Seduction, Empathy.

    Actor/Actress: Sofia Carson

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  • Hey Cori its me, i just wanted to say to you that i am sorry for how i over reacted and when i told u not to message me anymore i was going through some stuff and wasn't following the rules properly, but after spending some time on other wikia, i learned i had to adjust to each rule

    P.S i really am sorry

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  • I sent 1 to Drew also so feel free to ad anything and tell me what you think. #Salute

    Reign gets a call from his mentor Marcel to travel to a home going in G. Hill where his uncle Maxwell Sr. is being buried. He discovers while there he is the beneficiary of this uncle's estates and belongings. His father is in the bayou back in New Orleans and was in search for his son after Michael's destruction. Aya finds them both and they have a reunion. Reign talks to Katherine on the phone about the scenarios and learns he was given to Kat to be safe from Michael while they were on the run. In aiding his disfunctional family and a new wayward pack against a dark terror, Reign discovers both his site line and bloodlines are connected to him and if the prophecy comes to pass they'll all parish! But with the help of powerful witches from the series things may pan out good in everyone's favor.

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