Marcel and Davina
General Information

Darcel, Marvina

Intimacy Level

Love each other, Care about one another, Protective of each other, Brotherly/Sisterly Bond

First Met

8 months ago


Family, Father/Daughter, Best Friends

I know how important she is to you.
Sophia to Marcel about Davina in Eclipse of the Heart

The relationship between vampire, Marcel Gerard and witch, Davina Claire. Marcel sees Davina as a fighter like him, and believes them to be kindred spirits. He saved her life from her coven of witches, and took her in as family, which has made them very close and protective of each other. Davina helps Marcel maintain control over the witches in the Quarter, as a way of getting back at them for manipulating her into almost being sacrificed. Marcel cares for Davina more than anything and is willing to always put her first.

Early HistoryEdit

Marcel and Davina TO 1x05

Davina was one of four girls chosen to be part of a magical ritual called the Harvest. When Marcel learned that the witches were planning on sacrificing the four girls, he and his fellow vampires intervened. Unfortunately, he was too late to save all of them, and was only able to rescue Davina from being killed. Davina feels a lot of resentment toward the witches for manipulating her and lying to her, so she has no problem helping Marcel keep them in subjugation by monitoring their magic.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Describing their RelationshipsEdit

Marcel and Davina have a father daughter bond, in the way that Marcel took Davina in when no one else cared about her. When she was about to be sacrificed in the notorious Harvest Ritual, he saw her fighting for her life while everyone else just went along with the slaughter. At the moment, he decided to save her from the witch holding her back. Ever since then, Davina has loved him and they protect each other.




  • They've known each for 8 months.
  • Marcel saved her life

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