Magdalene TOFW
Magdalene "Mags" Navarro
Biographical information
  • 1243 (age 32/768)
  • Alive
  • Voodoo Queen of New Orleans
  • Voodoo Witch/Shaman
  • Female
Family information
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Meagan Good

Magdalena (a.k.a Mags) is a member of the Voodoo Collective a type of coven. She is so very powerful, in her youth she was a magical prodigy, descended from the legendary shaman Tsaya of the Kpelle people. She used powerful voodoo expression to halt her aging long ago, she is not immortal as she can die but she never ages.

Early LifeEdit

Magdalena was born by a different name in a territory of the Kpelle which is in modern day Liberia. She let herself be captured by slave traders and sailed across the sea to the New World where she and her descendants founded the Voodoo Collective in what is now modern day New Orleans, all voodoo practitioners in America are descended from her. She became so powerful wielding all types of magick she halted her aging and made herself timeless, she is one of the most powerful magic users on Earth.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

Magdalene makes a small appearance in Parting Ways.

Season TwoEdit

Magdalene makes her big debut in The Voodoo.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mags is attractive, suave, sophisticated and charismatic. She has dark ebony skin and sparkling brown eyes. She has long, black, tight curly hair. She is slender and toned.


Mags is unstable at times, she has a insatiable appetite for men, she can be impulsive with dark magick that infects her with a dangerous rage, she is protective of the shamans and has a predilection for bloody revenge, she is not one to be messed with, she is the thing that the monsters are afraid of. She exhibits a certain duality and at times can show a generous, kind-hearted and even loving nature. She is someone who you want on your side and not against you.