Lydia Martin
Biographical information

1995 (age 17)


High School Student



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Played by

Holland Roden

First seen

TW/TOF Crossover Special


Lydia Martin is a main character from Teen Wolf.


Lydia played more of a supporting role in the first season of Teen Wolf. She was the only one unaware of the supernatural world but had been caught up in a few occurrences. She was Jackson's girlfriend through the course of the first season until he broke up with her so that he could gain more of his own selfish purposes. Her friendship with Allison was explored. She was also being looked out by Stiles whom wanted to protect from the supernatural world but yet this was failed when she was attacked and bitten by Peter Hale, nearly dying in the process. While she was in the hospital, Scott saw that Lydia was rejecting the bite, not knowing why.

Lydia is finally introduced to the supernatual world in the second season. She mainly has hallucinations of Peter Hale whom nearly killed her in the first season. Stiles, Allison, and Scott take the role in protecting her from Derek and his new pack whom want to kill her believing that she is the kanima. It was later revealed to be Jackson. Peter uses Lydia in order to be brought back to life in which he succeeds in.

Lydia plays a much bigger role in season three and finally learns what she truly is.

Throughout The Originals FanficitonEdit

Season TwoEdit


Lydia is popular and sociable. She has a lot of friends and a good fashion taste. When people really get to know her, they see how smart she is. She also has a ability to sense when something bad is about to happen. No matter what happens, Lydia stands by those she cares about. Lydia has never really shied away from a situation.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lydia has strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes. Lydia loves to be fashionable. She always looks her best. Mainly wearing lots of wedges and stiletos. Dresses and have the girly/feminime type of those. Wears a lot of purple, beige and blue.


Allison Argent: Her most significant and interesting relationship is with her best friend, Allison. This friendship was born out of narrative convenience, it’s pretty special that it turned into one of the best female friendships. Their friendship was brought these unlikely group of people together and it became so much more. 

Stiles Stilinski: Lydia's boyfriend. Their relationship is a slow build one. Before entering a relationship, Lydia and Stiles have gotten to know each other as friends and have grown closer. Lydia has always hidden how intelligent she is because she thinks she won't be accepted but Stiles on the other hand thinks Lydia shouldn't hide it and accepts her for who she is. They have teamed up and fought side by side as well as for each other, have shown each other appreciation for each other’s minds.


  • Piercing Scream
  • Harbinger of Death



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