College Arc
Katherine, Sophia, Aria
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Love each other, Care about one another, Protective of each other.

First Met

February 2012


Best Friends, Like Sisters

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This is the relationship of Katherine Pierce, Sophia Mikaelson and Aria. This relationship really started in at the end of season one and throughout season two. The girls decided to go to college and become closer then they thought they would be. The girls like to have fun and party. Aria soon discovers that the girls are like her sisters. They all share a dorm room.

They are know as Sathia by fans S/ophia K/atherine Ar/ia.

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(Sophia to Katherine and Aria.) Please behave yourselves when I'm gone."(Katherine and Aria to Sophia) "Your boyfriend came over. (smirks)



  • They attend college together.
  • They all have a very close relationship.
  • Marcel thinks they are an interesting trio.
  • Always Be Together by Little Mix best describes this trio.