Karen Takeda
Biographical information
  • February 14, 1993 (almost 18)
  • Alive
  • Pianist
  • High School Student (Graduated)
  • Unknown
  • Female
Family information
Significant Others
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Keiko Kitagawa
First seen
Last seen

Karen Ryuzaki Takeda (a.k.a Kare or Ryu) is the daughter of Yoruhoshi Takeda and will be a major recurring character in Season Three. She has a significant role in the Japanese story. She is a young woman who does not know the truth to what she really is and why. Sophia Mikaelson is forced to take the job of protecting this young woman.

Early LifeEdit

Karen flashback

Karen during her first year of high school.

Before the events of Season 3, she had a close relationship with her older brother up until he left the family as he was not able to agree with their father on his career choice. She has not seen him in five years. Also, she was in a romantic relationship with Sora Kurai and many of the family members highly approved of it but only her father was against it. Their relationship lasted two years and their breakup was caused by a devastating event.

Throughout the SeriesEdit


Karen is strong and independent young woman. She doesn't tolerate bullies and calls them out for what they truly are to how she met Sora. She is also one of popular girls at school but is shown to not care about that and likes to socialize with those all of classes.

When Karen is thrown into the supernatural world, she is refuses to believe in it.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Yoruhoshi TakedaEdit

Sora KuraiEdit

Main article: Sora and Karen

Karen's ex-boyfriend whom she has become enemies with.

Sophia MiakelsonEdit

Karen's bodyguard and soon to be sister-like figure.



  • Karen is the first swordswoman to appear in the series.
    • Her instructor seems to be her father.
  • She seems to still be in love with Sora.
  • Spending a lot of time with Sophia, will develop a sisterly bond.

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