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Early LifeEdit

Mostly shrouded in secrecy and a mystery for the characters to find out as they try to uncover their enemys motivation. As it turns out Kaharis used to be a simple human being a long time ago (200 bc.) back then he actually had a family. But as owners of their own land they were mostly met with jealousy by their neighbours and one day the unthinkable happened: his closest friend Akreon accused Kaharis wife of sorcery. Due to the accusations and the fact that all of his belongings would fall into towns hand and by extention Akreons there wasn't even a trial. As his wife and son are taken away by the guards Kaharis stands tall against the hordes of men but miserably fails and is thrown into prison. As the day of the burning comes Akreon forces Kaharis to watch his family being burned alive. Due to his endless cruelty Akreon expells Kaharis from his small town and leaves him nothing but a small dagger that Kaharis should use on himself. After a long walk trough the desert Kaharis finally cracks and is on the verge of dying. As he slowly moves the dagger closer to his chest a man in dark clothes appears and offers him a sweet deal: He would give him the power to destroy the people that did this to him and in exchange Kaharis would have to return when the man would call upon him and do his bidding. Kaharis agrees and sees the man (Azazel) turn into a huge storm of dark particles a small part of Azazel drives into Kaharis and he immediately feels the power rush. Quickly he returns to his old village and burns it to the ground. The arrows the desperate villagers shoot can't end him, the swords can't go trough him and all that remains is a pile of Ash. As Kaharis sees what he has done he feels a sense of regret but is quickly reminded of humanitys cruelty as he sees his wifes head on a pole. Before he can tough it he feels his body slowly getting stiff and his skin turns to stone. Flash Forward to present day. In a museum the statue of Naharis cracks and he erupts, the man in dark stands before him ordering him to do something very specific: rid the town he was located in of two very power hungry creatures: Marcel and Klaus.

Season TwoEdit


Angry, mostly blinded by rage against everything and everyone.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tall, very skinny, long dark hair, bone-y face, in the past dressed like a poor man. In present day dressed fairly odd: a old suit, a bow tie, brown trousers and dirty dance shoes.