Jeremy S1
Jeremy Gilbert
Biographical information
  • October 13, 1994 (age 18)
  • Alive
  • Student (Formerly)
  • Member of The Five (Formerly)
  • Vampire Hunter (Currently)
  • Medium
  • Supernatural Hunter
  • Male
Family information
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Steven R. McQueen
First seen
I still love her.
— Jeremy in the TO/TVD Crossover

Jeremy Gilbert was a main character and Sophia's ex-boyfriend from The Vampire Diaries.

He becomes a major antagonist in Eternal Darkness.

Early LifeEdit

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

Throughout the first season, Jeremy continually calls or texts Sophia but she refuses to talk to him.

In Always and Forever, Jeremy called Sophia but she ignored the call.

In At Least With Sorrow, he was mentioned by Katherine.

Jeremy is reunited with Sophia in TO/TVD Special. Jeremy tries to get through to her and explain his reasoning for killing Kol but she fires back at him to stop making excuses as him and his sister were only being selfish for their own gains. Sophia tells him if she ever sees him again, she will kill him.

Throughout Eternal DarknessEdit

Season OneEdit


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Sophia MikaelsonEdit

"I did love him once but then he killed my brother, Kol. I will never forgive him for that and I will always hate him."
—Sophia about Jeremy
Sophia 105


 Sophia and Jeremy met at Mystic Grill when they accidentally bump into each other. After that, they started to hang out and become close friends. When he learned that she was an Original, he didn't care and wanted to be with her. Jeremy started practicing killing vampires with Damon helping him because of Sophia's suggestion. Klaus disapproved of their relationship but Elijah and Rebekah were glad to see Sophia happy. A few months later, they were falling for each other. When they learned of a cure, everyone was willing to do whatever it takes to get their hands on it. When Kol tried to stop them, Elena had Jeremy killed Kol. Jeremy saw Sophia standing at the doorway with Klaus. She was completely heartbroken and devestated that her own boyfriend killed her brother. She broke up with him and never forgave him. Jeremy continues to call her, but she only ignores his calls, never wanting to see him again. Sophia then realized she did love Jeremy but she was never in love with him. 


  • He was Sophia's previous love interest.
  • He has not seen Sophia since he killed Kol.
  • Sophia has stated if she ever sees Jeremy again that she will kill him.