Aria he is perfect for you! I'm going to make sure you two stay together!
— Sophia to Aria on her and Jay

Jay and Aria
General Information


Intimacy Level

Crush on each other,dating/in love with

First Met

Season two

Started Dating

season two second episode



 This is the relationship of Aria and Jay Sykes

Season TwoEdit

Describing their Relationship Edit


"I see you and your friends eyeing me"? - "They wanted me to ask you out". Jay and Aria to Each other

"She is the most beautiful woman I ever met. I can't picture myself with anyone else. She makes me happy." - Jay to Sophia on Aria

"He makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. He got me to get over Klaus" Aria to Katherine on Jay



  • Sophia and Katherine convinced Aria to go talk to Jay.
  • Jay is very protective when it comes to Aria.

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