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Hope Mikaelson
Biographical information

Spring 2012

  • Alive
  • Princess (by Klaus)
  • Baby Girl (by Hayley)
  • Kiddo (by Danielle)
  • Hybrid (Werewolf, Vampire, Witch)
  • Female
Family information
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Healing Spell (during Hayley's pregnancy)
Significant sires
  • Dwayne (to hybrid; indirectly)
Played by
  • Alexandria & Victoria Collins (newborn)
  • Blake & Charlie (toddler)
  • Summer Fontana (child)
  • Danielle Rose Russell (teenager/adult)
First seen
I made a promise, to my baby, and to myself, that she would not grow up like I did. That she would grow up safe, and loved. And yet, here she is, on her first day in this world...a war just ended but I know its not over yet...I feel that something is coming. I know what I have to do because I'm the one who loves her the most...I think the only thing to do send her away.
Hayley about Hope in Parting Ways

Hope Mikaelson is the daughter of Hayley Marshall and Niklaus Mikaelson. She is a Hybrid like her father and royalty like her mother.

Throughout the Series

Season One

It will destroy all.

From what Thomas found out about the baby

When Rebekah arrives in New Orleans in Always and Forever, she tells Hayley that she should leave New Orleans while she still has a chance. However, Hayley is unable to leave due to being linked to Sophie Deveraux and whatever happens to her, happens to Hayley.

In All You've Got, Hayley goes to Jardin Gris, obtaining wolfsbane in an attempt to abort the baby. When she puts the poison into a cup of tea, she is surrounded by vampires. As she tries to defend herself, she is saved by Rebekah and Sophia who kill the vampires. Klaus demands to know what Hayley was doing out in the French Quarter, she snaps at him, telling him that she was planning to put the baby out of its misery. Klaus begins to choke her over, showing he clearly cares for the baby. The next day, Klaus comes into Hayley's room and she informs him that she didn't take the wolfsbane. She realized that when fighting the vampires, she wasn't only protecting herself but also the baby. The fact that her birth parents gave her up and her adopted parents kicked her out.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Hayley is reunited with her old friend, Thomas, and tells him of her pregnancy. While talking, they meet Sabine who tells her she can find out if it's a boy or girl. Hayley lies on the kitchen counter as Sabine swings a crystal, hanging by a string over Hayley's stomach. Sabine's behavior begins to change and chants the words: Hoc est infantima malom. Nos omnia perdetu el eam. After a while, before Thomas leaves, he hugs Hayley and they share a longing stare. Later, she tells Klaus that the baby is a girl. While sitting at the desk with her laptop, she enters the strange words Sabine uttered into an online translator, but is getting no results. Thomas texts her not to worry about it and it shows that he found out what it meant: "It will destroy everything." and does not tell Hayley of it.

In Bring It On, Thomas tells Elijah about the baby.

In Long Way Back from Hell, Hayley finds out that her baby will destroy everything

In Moonlight Sonata, Hayley confronts Thomas about the truth and reveals he knew and only told Elijah. Thomas had refused to tell her because they weren't sure what it actually meant. But the outcome damages her friendship with Thomas.

In Taking Charge, it is revealed that the child is half vampire, half werewolf, and half witch. Alec believes that there is a purpose for why that child was created, not for Klaus' redemption but to destroy Klaus.

The baby is finally born in Fate.

Klaus and Hayley make a difficult decision regarding Hope in Parting Ways. They decide to give up their daughter and send her away with Rebekah.

Season Two

Hayley and Klaus are shown to miss Hope in Starting Over.

In Mother and Son, Hayley tells Malia that Sophia would do anything for her children just as Hayley would do for hers.

In Blood for Blood,

In A Special Reunion,


Physical Appearance


As a child, Hope has long red hair, blue eyes and freckled cheeks. She is also always seen wearing a bracelet gifted to her by her cousin.

Powers & Ablities



Hayley Marshall

Niklaus Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson

Danielle Mikaelson

Hope's adoptive cousin. Hope has a very special bond with Danielle whom had helped looked after her since she was a baby. After Danielle's departure from New Orleans, pictures were sent to her to still be able to see Hope's growth. At times, Hope has viewed Danielle as a mother-like figure.

Sophia Mikaelson




Season One

Season Two


  • Sophie describes Hope as "one of nature's loopholes".
  • Thomas finds out in Tangled Up In Blue that Hayley and Klaus' child will destroy all.
  • Davina had delivered Hope.
  • Hayley sought advice from Sophia due to her being a mother and decided with Klaus that they send Hope away with Rebekah.
  • Her name was inspired by Elijah who saw the child as the family's hope.
  • She is the first Hybrid to be mixed with three different species.
    • Werewolf, Witch and Vampire.
  • Any injuries that Hayley had sustained during her pregnancy were all healed due to the baby.
  • While Hayley was still pregnant, it was shown that Hope's hybrid blood can turn other werewolves into hybrids, causing them to be sired to Hayley. This no longer applies to Hayley after giving birth.
  • Klaus built a nursey for the baby.
  • In Blood for Blood, Sophia mentions to Rebekah how she gets an uneasy feeling about the baby. Both Rebekah and Danielle agreed with her.
  • Both Danielle and Elijah feel that Hope will never be safe with Klaus.