Felix Hackett
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  • Deceased
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Human
  • Male
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Killed by

Brody Midnight

Played by
  • Joseph Gilgun
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Felix Hackett was an extremely dangerous vampire hunter and Macklyn's right hand man.


Early LifeEdit

Felix explains his origins to Hayley. His first vampire kill was that of a vampire named George 10 years ago who attacked Felix to get his blood. He killed him after a struggle and seemingly only killed him with a butchers blade which cut his head off. Felix became obsessed afterwards with the vampires seeing them as a threat, a parasite to humanity. He begin to do his research and with vampire compasses, dead bodies with holes in the neck, and many other signs, he tracked them down one by one. He even went up against Elijah at one point and staked him but didnt know of Elijahs original status until Elijah caught up with him later. Felix ran away in terror so he studied on how to kill an original. Felix has been looking for the daggers not knowing a new white oak stake has emerged. Felix attempted to desicate Elijah but failed and ran off. In 2001, a pack of werewolves caught up to Felix. They go after him because they had a friend in a vampire named Crystal and Rocky, a couple vampires whom had befriended the werewolves whom Felix had destroyed. They want revenge and trap him in a cage and plan to consume him but not all of him and leave him a crippled mess. One of the werewolves whom Felix hides the identity sees Felix and goes to free him not wanting this fate. Felix sees this but one of the leaders of the pack kills this werewolf leaving Felix enraged. It is revealed that Felix hates the werewolves soley for this act, because one of them attempted to help felix and killed this person. Felix escapes after using a difficult trick he learned in the army and escapes. During the transformation, he ends up trapping them in a ring of fire. He then preceeds to burn them all alive and captures them in a wolfbane laced net. However the leader of the pack escapes and claws up Felix. Felix stabs it in the eye with a hot wooden stake. He then breaks its neck however it survives not having its neck broken fully. On the verge of healing, Felix drop kicks it into the fire where it burns as he watches with glee knowing it was the wolf who killed the wolf trying to free him. Felix goes onto hunting more vampires, werewolves and even witches. His reputation is that he is so excellent with his killings, and so deadly and clever, that its nearly impossible to go up to him and kill him, he always has a trap waiting. Eventually he is found out by Macklyn through his dreams who frees him.

Season OneEdit


Felix has a cold ruthless personality. He enjoys torture, but even more so on werewolves. He is handsome but bears a scar across his face, chest, left arm and back. Its possible a werewolf did this, and what fueled his hatred for them but nothing is certain. He shares a love/hate relationship with witches. Although he loves that they help take out vampires and werewolves, he is also hating of them that they created the species, he is also a witch hunter and only lets witches he knows he can use and trust live. Very little is currently known about his relationship with Macklyn.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Macklyn he only wears long sleeved shirts, coats, pants and mens shoes



Felix serves as Macklyns right hand man, and Macklyn has promised him title of king of new orleans when all is said and done. Felix reveals however is just pulling Macklyns strings and plans to kill him when the time is right along with every vampires, werewolf and witch. 


Felix has a history with Elijah. They battled once and nearly both of their lives taken. Felix really wants to kill Elijah.



  • He is known as the legendary vampire hunter, killing more vampires than anyone single handed.


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