Season 5
Shakeera-wongseng-samurai-sword-full 068717

The next warrior arises...

Arden Cho as Mirai/Chi

Lee Min-ho as Chūsuke
Tristin Mays as Fianna/Brianna
Jonathan Keltz as Robin Cader
Nina Dobrev as Katherine Pierce
Holland Roden as Sierra
Georgie Henley as Madeline Papillon

Chad Michael Murray as ____________

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Destiny is the fifth season of Eternal Darkness.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Jang Keun-suk as Kou
  • Robert Carlyle as Eric Davin (Robin's adoptive father, Mirai's former companion) (5/10)
  • Paula Patton as ____________
  • (a chiropteran obsessed with Mirai and Chi)
  • Soo Ae as Gyeon Se Eun (solider of ?, occasionally helps Mirai during missions)

Guest Cast

  • Danila Kozlovsk as ____________ (2/10)
  • Kim Sang-joong as Si Yong Jin (Mirai's former companion) (2/10)

More coming soon...

Special Guest


  1. The Journey Before
  2. Going Undercover
  3. A Dance To Remember


Promotional Photos


  • The year will be 2020, 5 years after the events of Season 2 where Mirai was first mentioned.
  • This season starts a whole new story/mythology as being the second half of the series, relating to Blood+.
    • A whole new cast will be featured but with the return of Nicole, Katherine and Sierra.
    • The old cast could return and have a new story once Mirai's story has ended.
  • It will be a completely new world.
  • Sierra returns as a main character after being last seen in Season 3. She will also be the narrator of this season.
  • This new story will introduce even bigger and greater threats.
    • Chi being one of them and we will see what caused her to become evil. It will also be a question to whether she can be saved or not.
  • Expect some new friendships coming.
  • There will be flashbacks of Mirai and Chi's past.
    • The sisters relationship will be very different than the relationship between Saya and Diva.
  • Chi will mainly be in flashbacks this season.
  • There will be a major death by the end of the season.

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