Season 1
Blood Rose

We're all connected in more ways than one...

Caitlin Stasey as Nyla Zepeda

Daren Kagasoff as Alec Sigurd
Ryan Guzman as Mason Edwards
Shay Mitchell as Sophia Mikaelson
Alexandra Breckenridge as Bethany Thompson
Chris Tucker as Cedric Aldrich
Jessica Lucas as Nicole Bennett

Steven McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert

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Bloodlines is the first season of Eternal Darkness.


Months after leaving New Orleans, Sophia, Eileen and Katherine have settled in their new life in London. Everything begins at the Lunctus Academy where the headmaster, Cedric Aldrich decides to allow supernatural beings into the school which is unknown to the humans; putting the humans, witches and such in the day class while the vampires are in the night class. He hopes to bring the all different beings alike and unite them together for a greater cause. A young woman named Nyla Zepeda, one of the students there, quickly finds out about the supernatural world when she is thrown into it. When she begins to fear for her life, she soon finds a connection to Amadeus Bloodworth, her potential love interest. Alec Sigurd and Mason Edwards take their roles seriously as the academy's guardians and work together to keep the supernatural beings in check from beginning an uproar in the society. As Sophia Mikaelson continues her work as a magic and history teacher, she sees something different in the academy's extremely best student, Scarlett. Bethany Thompson will be haunted by her past and in the end, will ultimately make a decision that will make everyone question her loyalty. Nicole Bennett begins to look further into her family's bloodline, starting from the beginning and starts to uncover the many unexpected connections...

Nyla will struggle of the secrets that have been kept from her for years, her confusing relationship with Amadeus, why her blood is so tempting to the vampires and the tragedy that will soon fall upon her...Many will be conflicted to what is the truth and what is a lie.


Main Cast

Note: * (Meaning: Originally a supporting character and is later upgraded to regular by Episode 6.)

Supporting Cast


  • Crystal Reed as Aurora (12/13)
  • Theo James as Riley (6/13)
  • Tom Ellis as Nichol (?/13)






Guest Cast

More coming soon...

Special Guest Stars



Promotional Photos



  • This season will relate to Vampire Knight's Volumes 1 to 5.
  • The timeline will be set in 2015.
  • The season will start off with a flash-forward.
  • For the first time ever, Jeremy will become a major antagonist.
  • There will be mysterious deaths.
    • Expect a lot of major deaths.
  • There will be a special wedding episode this season of where "The Originals" will crossover for a wedding.
  • We will see more of Alec's past and how he came to meet Nyla.
  • We will see more of Bethany's past and see how she became a vampire.
  • Sophia will play more of a supporting role than a main role this season.
  • There will be a few emotional and surprising cliffhangers in the finale.

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