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Elijah and Serena
General Information


Intimacy Level

Elijah is very protective of Serena and cares deeply about her, took care of her when she was a child

First Met

Serena's childhood


Best Friends

The relationship between Original Vampire, Elijah Mikaelson and human, Serena Julia Vivian is one of the most important friendships in the series. These two will form a special bond of friendship. He feels that she is stronger than of all them because of her pure heart. Elijah is quite aware of the special bond he has with Serena and is happy to have her in his life. He has sworn to always protect her and stand by her side.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season One Edit

Serena and Elijah meet in Blast From the Past. She will talk to him about her past and he will listen to her with an uncanny interest.

In At Least With Sorrow,

In Bring It On,