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Elijah and Katerina
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Passionately in love
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1st Relationship: 2010 to 2011
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Now that we've gotten our second chance, where would you like to go? I'll take you wherever you want. Italy, Barcelona, Prague, even Tokyo. We can start over and live our lives together.
Elijah to Katherine in Wait For You

The relationship between Elijah Mikaelson and Katherine Pierce. They met in England when she was still human and still went by Katerina. They were close up to the point where she chose to save herself by becoming a vampire. Five hundred years later, they were reunited. Things were rocky between them but they began a romantic relationship as they were in love with each other. Later on, Elijah moved to New Orleans after saying goodbye to Katherine, effectively ending their relationship. They are still shown to still be in love with each other even though Katherine refused to give it another shot at their relationship.

Katherine moved to New Orleans to be closer to Sophia


This fan-favorite couple is known as Kalijah.



After Katerina gave birth to a baby girl out of wedlock, she was sent away to England where she meet Elijah and his siblings. As time went by, 


Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

They are reunited in At Least With Sorrow. When Katherine comes to New Orleans to see Sophia, she is reunited with Elijah whom is happy to see her but it is clear that she is uncomfortable. The next day, Katherine goes to hug Elijah to thank him for always giving her a chance. He wants to give their relationship another chance but she refuses due to him always choosing Klaus but informs him if the time is ever right for them to be together, then it will happen. Katherine bids farewell to Elijah and Sophia then returns to Mystic Falls.

Season TwoEdit

Describing their RelationshipEdit

These two definitely have a history and their relationship is so based on true love that it's hard to deny their chemistry. Their relationship has evolved in different ways for the past five-hundred years and all they want is to find happiness with each other.

Elijah is more drawn to Katherine because of her being human. To him, her as a human, she's all the more sexy and he loves humanity. The more humble she becomes, the more he becomes madly in love with her.



  • Elijah mainly calls her by her real name, Katerina.
  • Sophia ships them.