Dalijah hug
Elijah and Danielle
General Information


Intimacy Level

Love each other
Care about one another
Elijah is very protective of her
Elijah is like a father figure to her

First Met

When Danielle was born


Adoptive Uncle/Niece
Godfather & Goddaughter
Best Friends
Former Mentor/Student
King & Queen of New Orleans

Gia: You really love her, don't you?

Elijah:...Like she's my own daughter.

Elijah and Gia in Live or Die

The relationship between adoptive uncle/godfather and niece/goddaughter of the Original FamilyElijah Mikaelson and Danielle Asia Mikaelson. Elijah helped Danielle's mother through her pregnancy and after Danielle's birth, Elijah with the rest of his siblings were forced to become vampires. Elijah killed Danielle's father for his betrayal and helped her mother raised her daughter. As time went by, Elijah became a father figure to Danielle and they love each other very much. After Danielle decided to become a vampire, Elijah was chosen as her mentor for her vampirism as Sophia was Danielle's mentor for her magic.

The bond between these two is very strong and loving. Even after a thousand years, she still will look to him for guidance whenever she feels troubled or unsure about something. They both share similar interests and when things get rocky, they manage to work through it and move on. Even though he is her uncle and not her father, to Danielle, Elijah is the best father you could ever ask for.


When hearing of Sophia's pregnancy, Elijah was one of the people who helped mostly take care of her. After Danielle's birth, he helped cared for the baby and was asked to be her godfather by her parents. Elijah happily accepted the role and felt an even more strong attach to his goddaughter. After Henrik's death and Nathan's betrayal towards Sophia and her siblings, Elijah killed him and helped Sophia take care of Danielle and raise her into a good person. She was also his protégée after becoming a vampire. Mostly throughout each other's lives, both saw each other almost like a father-daughter figure.

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  • Elijah was the one who delivered Danielle when she was born.
  • She grew up not knowing her father, however, Elijah was the only father-figure in her life and began to see him as her own father.
  • According to Elijah in Live or Die, Danielle was Elijah's best student.

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