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Marcel and Davina TO 1x02

Marcel introduces Davina to Rebekah and Sophia.

Davina makes her first appearance in All You've Got. Davina meets Rebekah and Sophia when they come to take Elijah back but Davina does not allow it. Marcel mentions to Davina that Rebekah had not been very nice to him and Davina throws her out the window with telekinesis. Sophia becoming upset, reveals her powers of elements by showing a ball of fire. Marcel has Davina wipe Sophia's memory of everything that happened recently happened and makes her only remember having a great time on her date with Marcel.

Davina 2 TO 1x03

"Something's coming..."

In Tangled Up In Blue, Davina senses danger coming and uses her magic to protect Marcel. When Marcel arrives to thank her, she believes that it was Klaus and Rebekah who tried to kill him, but he replies that Klaus saved him. He tells her he's giving Elijah back to Klaus; but Davina refuses until she finds a way to kill the Originals.

Davina and Marcel at the music festival

In The Ultimate Game, Davina is allowed to go to the annual music festival. Marcel takes her there and she meets Sophia for a second time. She also meets Camille and Serena. Sophia asks Davina how does she know her and Davina replies that Marcel showed her a picture of her (Sophia not knowing that it was Davina who wiped her memory from her date with Marcel from before). Cami sees Davina watching a boy playing the violin. Cami encourages Davina to talk to Tim. Later in the church, Davina is reunited with Tim and she reveals that she's missed him but their moment is interrupted when Klaus arrives. He threatens to kill Tim if Davina unless she joins his side. Danielle arrives and with Klaus angering Davina so much, both girls unleashed their powers on each other, bursting the church's windows, and destroying a lot of the pews. This did not injure Klaus in the slightest, but Tim was critically wounded and Danielle loss consciousness. After Sophia's arrival, Davina thanks her for saving Tim's life.

Going into the following episode, Davina explains her past to Elijah and Matthias.


Davina learning from Dani to control her magic.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, since Elijah promised Davina that he would bring her his mother spells that would help her control her magic, Danielle volunteers to take them to Davina and help her. Marcel brings Danielle to Davina and Davina allows her to teach her of how to control her magic. As the episode continues, Davina has trouble with the spell to unlink Sophie Deveraux and Hayley Marshall but after getting encouragement from Danielle, she is able to do the spell.

In The War Begins, Davina is found by Sophie and the other witches and as they try to take her, she is saved by Danielle.

Davina and Danielle go to the Nightlife Party in At Least With Sorrow. Davina learns that Danielle's boyfriend, Julian was killed by Hayley Marshall. Davina wants to help Danielle but Elijah lets her know that Matthias can take care of it. Later, Cami comes to see her, needing help. Davina realizes that Cami has been compelled and begins the process of freeing her from the compulsion with Cami starting to scream from the pain. She informs Danielle and Rebekah of the situation as they come in.

In Bring It On, Davina tries to help Danielle as unexpected things begin to happen to her. After being attacked by Felix Hackett, Marcel saves the girls and takes them to safety. However, when Danielle goes to her room, she sees black blood falling from her eyes and her reflection comes right out of the mirror to attack Danielle which causes Danielle to scream. Marcel and Davina hear Danielle screaming and before they can go upstairs to her room, they are suddenly under attack by Felix and his group of witches, vampires, and vampire hunters. Danielle is kidnapped and later killed by Sophie, devastating Davina.


Davina devastated by Danielle's death.

Davina mourns Danielle's death in Eclipse of the Heart. She is also present at the memorial. After Marcel tries to comfort her, she runs away to get help from Cami, Serena, and Josh. With their help, she tries to hide from Marcel and the others but they see Klaus during the Casket Girls Festival and they run into the church to hide. Strange things begin to happen and suddenly beautiful different color stars surround them and Davina knows that Danielle is there. Danielle hugs Davina which she can feel and tells her they tell one another that they miss each other. Later, Davina reveals that she has been trying to bring Danielle back but nothing works. She then hesitantly takes Danielle's request to bring Kol back to life.

Davina 1x13

Davina suffering from her magic.

In Rise from the Grave, Marcel tries to get Davina to eat as she has not eaten since Danielle died. She continually refuses and questions him if he knew Agnes was dead. He states that he heard rumors but didn't know if it was true and didn't want to take the chance of putting her danger. She tells him that she doesn't want to stay there anymore with Klaus still there. Davina reminds him of what Klaus did to her and Tim then suddenly starts vomiting dirt and the house begins to shake. Sophie reveals that Davina is suffering from the effects of the incomplete Harvest. If she continues on like this, she will die and take the city with her. Rebekah goes into Davina's room and makes her fall asleep by injecting a sedative into her body. Klaus and Elijah seeing no other choice, believe that Davina may have to be sacrificed but Marcel and Sophia are against it. Sophia comes up with the idea to transfer Davina's uncontrollable powers to Sophie as revenge for killing Danielle and to save Davina. Marcel and Klaus see no problem with Sophia's idea but Elijah seeing his sister's behavior becomes more worried about her. Davina is visited by Sophia and Davina tells her that she has been communicating with Danielle lately then reveals the family member that she brought back to life. Later, Sophia starts to transfer Davina's powers into Sophie. Sophia feels something touch her shoulder. Even though Sophia can't see her, she knows it is her daughter and Davina can feel her presence as well. After the ritual is over, Sophia informs Davina that none of the three girls came back to life and Davina believes that all that power went somewhere else.

Davina rose

Davina giving Danielle a rose.

In Moonlight Sonata, Davina manages to locate Qetsiyah and attends the Mikaelson Ball along with Marcel. After leaving the ball early, she goes to her garden to see Monique. Danielle appears and touches Davina's shoulder. Davina is able to feel it and also hear Danielle's voice (another side effect on the Other Side collapsing). Danielle tells Davina to embrace her magic and love it as it is a part of who she is. Davina decides to use one more spell from Ancestral magic just to say goodbye to it. She uses a spell to bring the flowers and herbs back to life. Davina smiles as she hands it one to Monique and she feels Danielle hugging her then hands a rose to Danielle as well.

Davina 1x18

Davina ready for the war.

In Taking Charge, Davina along with Monique and Abigail, participate in the Feast of Blessings in order to get the upper hand over the witches. The three girls are hoisted above the crowd on thrones and are each dressed for the element they represented in the Harvest--Monique in floral earth tones, for earth; Davina in bright red-orange, for fire; and Abigail in white, for air. Monique steps forward first, and creates a mild earthquake that rumbles the ground below them. Then, Abigail steps forward and raises her arms to create very strong winds that blow around the crowd of tourists. Finally, Davina steps forward, turns around, and raises her palm to the sign behind her, which immediately ignites with fire and sets off dozens of fireworks, which makes the crowd cheer again. Papa Tunde and more witches of the coven appear. Papa Tunde is outraged that the event is being held especially without an Elder present. Davina tells Papa Tunde that Neoma stated that the war has begun, so this is how they chose to start it. They refuse to have their lives taken control of and are willing to fight. As Papa Tunde begins using his magic against the girls, Christabella appears and knocks Papa Tunde to the ground. Jayne appears and starts to sing with her beautiful voice, catching the attention of Papa Tunde's men to keep them distracted. The rest of the full coven shows up as well as Alice and they all prepare to fight. Davina and Alice use their magic against the New Orleans Coven while Christabella fights Papa Tunde. Unknown to Davina, a witch was sneaking up on her but Christabella saves Davina in time by killing the witch with the stake Papa Tunde was carrying. Davina and Alice combine their powers together by casting a fire spell and managing to defeat all the witches from the coven, killing them all. Christabella then kills Papa Tunde with Alice's help.

Davina and the others arrive to the war in time in Fate. Davina saves Marcel from an enemy and they closer as she calls him dad. After the war has ended, Davina is reunited with Danielle whom was brought back to life by Sophia. Davina then delivers the baby as Hayley goes into labor.

In Parting Ways, Davina agrees to go on a trip with Danielle of traveling for the next few months. She also agrees with Elijah that Danielle should have a bodyguard.

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