Danielle 201

The Queen back in New Orleans.

Danielle returns to New Orleans after her long trip with Davina and her boyguard, Leon Dominic. She and Davina surprise Marcel with a big entrance and they both hug him. After small talk about their trip, Davina asks Leon if he will escort her and Danielle into the city, adding more to Danielle's annoyance as she didn't want a bodyguard in the first place. Later, Danielle reunites with Elijah. As he dotes on his niece, she gets him talking about the conversation she overheard. He tells her that a few of the werewolves out in the bayou were attacked by an unknown vampire. Danielle wants to help but Elijah tells her that she just got back and he wants her to relax and take a day off. She reluctantly agrees and before she leaves, Elijah asks her why she won't become a singer. Her answer is that she was a vampire before and now that she is no longer that, she doesn't know what she wants to do right now for a career but still has time and just wants to mainly focus on school. But another reason is that, she wanted to be like him and her mother.

Danielle, Davina, and Leon arrive at the record shop until Danielle stops and turns toward Leon. She questions him on how long he will continue to follow them around. He tells her that until she is done for the day and she believes that she does not need a babysitter. Davina cuts in, saying that Leon is just doing job and thanks him. The girls go into the record shop as Leon stays outside. After having a friendly chat with Joe, Danielle heads into the next section of the store and after a while returns to find some of the wolves from the bayou causing trouble. As Oliver orders his guys to kill Joe, Danielle uses her magic to stop them. Davina tells Joe to get out of there and Danielle demands to know where Oliver and his friends got the moonlight rings. After a little more torture, Oliver reveals that it was Cassie who made them. As the girls begin to leave, Oliver stands up and his werewolf face comes out and he is close to attacking the girls until Leon stops him and holds him in a neckhold. He threatens to kill him if he doesn't leave. Leon reveals that he stood aside so that he could give Danielle a break as he already knows how powerful she is but it will be the first and last time that he does it and tells Danielle to let him do his job of protecting her. She later has a small happy reunion with Klaus and tells him of what happened at the record shop.

During the night, Danielle and Davina's dinner at the restaurant is interrupted when they are attacked by werewolves. They are eventually outnumbered until Leon saves them. Mikael eventually shows up, surprising Danielle and he attacks the three of them. Leon, trying to protect the girls, is killed by Mikael, devastating Danielle and Davina. Eventually, Elijah and Marcel show up in time and Mikael makes his escape. Danielle learns from Elijah that Leon will come back to life as he has Elijah's vampire blood in his system. Later, Leon wakes up and Danielle is angry with him for making that kind of decision. Leon states that is was his choice to make as he would do anything to keep her safe, even putting his own life on the line for her. They continue to argue with each other, until he learns from her that she blames herself for his death. He tells her to get used to having a bodyguard because he's not going anywhere and he won't die. She pulls him into an dark alleyway and gets him to feed off of her.

Danielle is shown in a flashback, which takes place during her travels with Davina and Leon. She meets her Damien, her uncle and mother's older brother. She comes to see that he is a vampire but no ordinary vampire as he was able to use compulsion on Leon who was on vervain as well as finding out that magic doesn't work on her uncle. He threatens to kill Davina and questions his niece about her mother's memories but realizes that his sister hasn't remembered yet. Damien reveals to Danielle that him and his sister are the children of Agapios and Qetsiyah. Apparently, Damien wants his sister dead, holding a deep hatred for her and as she has something sealed inside of her by the First Elemental Witch. He is also able to compel witches, using the power to order Danielle to take a vial that contains his blood and force her mother to drink it, his reasons to why are unknown. Before leaving, he compels Danielle and Davina to forget about him and that their conversation never happened but for Danielle to remember to give her mother the blood and his love.

Dani (1) 202

Danielle talking with Elijah.

In the next episode, Danielle and her uncles receive a dinner invitation from Esther. Danielle is annoyed by the matter, however she chooses to go. Later, while playing a flute outside, she is visited by Nathan. He tells her that he also received an invitation to the family dinner and he plans to go whether she likes it or not. She questions him on his motives and he tells her that he wants a second chance with her and Sophia. Danielle refuses and calls him out for everything he's done in the past and angrily heads back into the mansion. At the Mikaelson Compound, Danielle is with Hayley and they talk about Esther's motives but Danielle also questions Hayley about what she's hiding about Hope. After Hayley threatens to kill Esther, Elijah walks in and refuses to have Hayley to cause any trouble. Shortly after, Danielle sees Leon having his morning run.


Danielle heads out to save her mother in Welcome to the Party.

Two weeks later,

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