Life is precious. It shouldn't be wasted. Would I like to grow up and live a normal life? A part of me, yes but...Having eternal life and getting to spend it with the people I love, is even better. My family even Marcel, and my best friend are part of my special world...But the most important piece of me, the part that makes me accept who I my mom.


Danielle (Season 1)

In Always and Forever, after Danielle arrives in New Orleans with her mother, she is suddenly attacked by Macklyn Barthlomew. He gives her a warning that people want her dead.

In All You've Got, Danielle once again fights Macklyn. When she is nearly killed, she is saved by her old friend, Matthias. Klaus decides to keep Dani close as the witches and others want her dead.

InTangled Up In Blue, Danielle helps her family of trying to find Elijah.


Danielle singing at the annual music festival.

In The Ultimate Game, Danielle also participates in the annual music festival. She then visits her Uncle Kol's grave and places flowers. She meets Brody Alexander Midnight. Unknown to her, Kol is watching them and he seems very worried. Later on, she finds her Uncle Klaus in danger. She protects him against Davina's attack but is injured in the process. Sophia finds them and becomes angry with Klaus. Sophia then takes Danielle home.

In Sinners and Saints, Danielle begins to have nightmares of mysterious events. By the end of the episode, Sophia, Hayley, and Rebekah find the dead bodies in the bayou which is what exactly happened in Danielle's dream.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Danielle makes the decision to help Davina with her magic. In order to meet Davina, she had to get permission from Marcel. When she reveals to him that she is half vampire-half witch, he wants her to prove it and she does so by using telekinesis. Marcel takes her to Davina's room in the church attic. Davina allows Danielle to help her. While helping Davina with her magic, Danielle soon feels something is wrong as she experiences uncontrollable pain sensing that her mother is in danger. Davina has trouble with the spell but after getting encouragement from Danielle, she is able to do the spell.

In Blast From the Past, Rebekah and Danielle ask Brody of his history with Macklyn and Felix.

In The War Begins, Danielle and Sophia are out of town, taking a break from everything. As Sophia feels something is wrong back in New Orleans so Danielle returns with her mother. Seeing Klaus being attacked and tied up by Marcel's army, Danielle becomes disappointed in both Marcel and her aunt Rebekah. Danielle supports her uncle Klaus and chooses to live with him and her mother at the Abattoir.

In At Least With Sorrow, while attending the Nightlife Party with her best friend, Davina, the truth is revealed about her human boyfriend, Julian. He was killed by Hayley as she was told that he knew of her family yet he knew nothing of the supernatural world. Danielle is later comforted by Matthias whom tells her that there's nothing wrong with being friends with humans or falling in love with them as it helps to keep their humanity and no matter how much they fight it, it finds its way back in. He promises that he will talk to Sophia about finding a new place for her to live. TBA

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Neoma attacks Danielle.

Danielle begins to go under a unexpected transformation in Bring It On. As Davina tries to find out what is happening to Danielle, they are attacked by Felix and his group. Danielle whom is too weak to fight, Marcel appears and saves the girls. When Marcel gets Dani and Davina to safety, Klaus and Rebekah set to find out who is trying to kill Danielle. Danielle goes up to her room and sits at her makeup table, more black blood falls from her face and suddenly she sees her reflection looking right at her with an evil look on her face. Her reflection eyes begin to turn black and comes right out of the mirror to attack Danielle which causes Danielle to scream. Marcel and Davina hear Danielle screaming and before they can go upstairs to her room, they are suddenly under attack by Felix and his group of witches, vampires, and vampire hunters. She is taken to the bayou where Sophia, Klaus, and Rebekah are forced to watch her death. Later, Danielle finds Davina using her magic to undo Cami's compulsion and learns it was her Uncle Klaus who did this to Cami. Rebekah soon comes and asks to speak to her in private. Rebekah reveals that Dani's death will awaken Neoma from her sleep.

A memorial is held for Danielle in Eclipse of the Heart. She is reunited with her Uncle Kol and they try to find a way to communicate with Danielle's best friend, Davina. Danielle manages contact with her by using a special spell that creates different colored stars and Davina quickly relazies it's Danielle. Later, Danielle makes the decision or Davina to bring back her Uncle Kol.

In Rise from the Grave, Davina tells Sophia that she has been communicating with Danielle lately. Later, after Sophia starts to transfer Davina's powers into Sophie, she feels something touch her shoulder. Even though Sophia can't see her, she knows it is her daughter.

In Long Way Back from Hell, Danielle meets Mikael.

In Moonlight Sonata, while Sophia is talking with Katherine and things start to get emotional, Danielle appears and hugs her mother. As Katherine, Bethany, and Jayne tease Sophia about her love life, Mikael begins to get on Danielle's nerves. Mikael reveals that he plans on sticking around her until Sophia brings Danielle back to life. Danielle tells him that will never happen because once she leaves the Other Side, Mikael will be stuck there, only to be swept away by the unseen forces. She tells him to go away as she is tired of his constant bickering for the past three days. Mikael wants to be civil but Danielle does not consider him family. He reveals to her the truth about her father. He tells her that Nathan had agreed to have her mother, her aunt, and her uncles to become the Original Vampires and also that it was Elijah who killed him. Danielle refuses to believe him and runs out of the mansion.

After Davina leaves the Mikaelson Ball, Danielle goes to see her and Monique Deveraux. She encourages Davina to embrace her magic as it is a part of her, it expresses who she is, that she should use it and love it. While saying this, Davina can hear Danielle's voice. Davina uses her ancestral magic one last time to bring the roses back to life. She is successful and feels Danielle hugging her and hands her a rose.

In TO/TVD Special, Danielle is not present in this episode but Sophia had succeeded in learning the Element of Life/Spirit and will bring back Danielle.

In Taking Charge, Danielle is seen watching Neoma who is sitting on a throne and once again is being bothered by Mikael. She questions him if he knew about his wife sealing Neoma inside Sophia. Mikael did not know of it and if he had known, he would be against it. Danielle is surprised by his answer, seeing that he does have a heart. Mikael asks her if she really thinks that lowly of him and she tells him that her family has told her enough about him to feel sorry for them. Their argument is soon interrupted by Neoma who is staring right at them. Neoma can see them as she is one of the most powerful demons in the world and can see the dead. Mikael begins to threaten Neoma but Danielle uses her magic on him to protect Neoma. She then tells Neoma that she should try forgiving herself.

Later, Sophia begins to use the power of the element to bring those she cares about back to the living. Before she decides to bring back her daughter, it goes into a flashback of before the series premiere of when Sophia and Danielle in the car, on their way to New Orleans. Sophia is driving while Danielle is drawing. Sophia notes that she hasn't seen Danielle do that in a while and Danielle states that she lost her inspiration so she decided to take a break. She shows her mother the drawing when she finishes. It is shown to be an picture of Sophia, Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah together, smiling brightly. Sophia tells her that it is beautiful but asks where Danielle is. Danielle says that once she paints it that it will be a lot better but she is the stars in the drawing. Whenever she is not around, just look up at the stars and Sophia will know that she is still with you her and the others. Once the flashback ends, Sophia promises Danielle that she will bring her back but she just needs to handle something first.

On the Other Side, Sophie is angry that Sophia did not bring her back as well. Danielle believes that her mother had a good enough reason. That Sophie killed Danielle, she tried to kill Davina, and that she used the Original Family, putting them all in danger. Danielle states that her mother already tried to bring Sophie back but it didn't work because they have plans for her. Sophie is then oblivion by the unknown forces as Danielle is left with Mikael.

Danielle Fate

Danielle in the future.

In Fate, Neoma uses an unknown power that attacks Dark Sophia with frozen glaciers. As Dark Sophia tries to escape Neoma traps the both of them in pillars of ice and Danielle sees this event screaming for her mother. Some time after the glaciers melt, she is able to see her mother in the final fight against Neoma. After Neoma and Sophia charge at one another and clash at each other with their powers, a huge explosion occurs. Danielle is relieved to see her mother survived but once the battle ends, she feels the wind picking up then she is knocked to the ground and suddenly the ground begins to shake. She quickly realizes that the Other Side is nearing its end. A powerful force begins to pull Danielle away until Mikael saves her. He tells her to hold onto him. Sophia finds herself in an unknown world and comes upon an slightly older Dani. Danielle greets her mother and tells her that she is not the Danielle of that time. Not understanding, Future Danielle tells her that she is not a vampire anymore and is back to being a witch. She still holds the decision to if she wants to go back being a vampire and for the past year, has been continuing living out her life as a normal girl, seeing if she want to keep living like that. Future Danielle informs her mother that she'll meet her mother soon and will learn a lot of new things about herself. Future Danielle also informs her mother to tell Marcel to lay off Leon whom they will meet soon and not to worry about Jayne too much. As Future Danielle walks away with her dog, she turns back to look at Sophia and tells her that she loves her. After a short while, Danielle is resurrected, reuniting with her family and friends.

In Parting Ways, seeing that she is no longer a vampire and has returned to being a witch, decides to have a fresh start in her new life. She and Davina agree to take a vacation to do some traveling for the next few months. However with no say in the matter, Elijah decides to assign her a bodyguard with has Sophia and Davina's approval. Danielle parts with her aunt Rebekah whom also wants a fresh start as she wants to move on and be free from all the chaos. They then reminisce about what Danielle said to Sophia before they came to New Orleans. "Whenever I'm not around, just look up at the stars and you know that I'm still with you all. I'll be the stars myself." Danielle is then chosen to become the first Queen of New Orleans. Danielle sees the memorial wall on Rue Dumaine, where a crowd of people have gathered to pay their respects to all of the citizens who died during the War of New Orleans. Her adoptive cousin's name is also listed. Later, Danielle is reunited with her father who was thought to be dead and unknown to her, she has a long-lost twin sister that is coming to New Orleans.

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