Crossovers are importent part in the TO Fanon Series.

The Crossovers are mainly characters from related shows like TVD. Some are recurring characters, minor characters, characters who have only appeared in the actual show of TVD and characters who are seen throughout TVD itself, but mainly from the status of crossovers now it's mainly mains and recurring characters. There's been a mix of gender in characters.

There are no crossovers from other related shows like; Supernatural, True Blood. The Crossovers also contain twists like characters from TVD who you wouldn't normally see in a situation there in.

Crossovers from The Vampire DiariesEdit

  • Nadia Petrova: Katherine's daughter. Plays a big role in Katherine's life.
  • Qetsiyah: Special connection to Sophia and Danielle.

Crossovers from Teen WolfEdit

Characters from the TO Fanfiction will crossover to Teen Wolf. There will be no vampires crossing over to Teen Wolf.

Crossovers from Gallows HillEdit

Characters from the TO Fanfiction will crossover to Gallows Hill.