The Originals: Call of Magic
Season 1, Episode 01
Cassandra 101
Air date Summer 2015
Written by Cori11
Directed by Cori11
Episode Guide Transcript
Chapter Two - The Reunion

Chapter One - Freedom is the first episode of Call of Magic.



With their new lives in Paris, Danielle and Davina have been starting their next chapter as college students and Leon has found himself a new job as a police officer. As Davina meets the handsome Ancil, her and the others are invited to one of the biggest parties of the century. Danielle comes across a familiar magic and Leon's past comes back to haunt him. Meanwhile, a young woman emerges from a magic prison and begins her plans to cause havoc.




  • A new type of magic is introduced which has something to do with Danielle.
  • Davina and Danielle may go to different colleges but will live in the same apartment.
  • There will be a lot of fight scenes.
  • Expect to see dance scenes.
  • There will be a flashback of Danielle from 20 to 30 years ago.
  • Leon's father will be mentioned.
  • A group of knights will be talked about.
  • Someone's feelings will be revealed.
  • The final scene of the episode will be a big one.




Danielle (voiceover): I once said that we each have our own path in life and I've had to leave my family for that reason. I had to find my own purpose of why I was born and to be granted to live such a long life. Moving to Paris actually revealed a lot of new things and also brought back some things from my past. Finally able to start a new journey in life with my best friends which was one of the best things ever but...I never thought things would get so out of control...More death, new secrets, more betrayal, more chaos, more heartbreak, falling in love and even something that I didn't think that could possibly happen...Before I can reveal what that is, listen to our stories of the new chapters of our lives...

A Promise Fulfilled

(8 months earlier, Danielle and Leon are watching the city of Paris from on top of the Eiffel Tower during the night.)

Danielle: Amazing view...

Leon: Yeah, it is.

Danielle:...You said that you used to live in Paris for a while. Have any friends here that you've missed?

Leon: Yeah but...I rather not see him.

Danielle: Why not?

Leon:...Too many things from the past that haunt me.

(Danielle notices Leon's saddened expression and leans her head on his shoulder. He gives a small smile.)

Danielle: You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. Just tell me when you're ready...Remember that I'm here. I'm always here.

Leon: (holds her close and kisses the top of her head) Thanks, Dani.

(Their moment is interrupted when Danielle's phone starts to ring and sees that it's Davina calling. Danielle puts her on speaker phone.)

Danielle: What is it, Vivi?

Davina: How much longer are you lovebirds going to keep me waiting?

Leon: (laughs) We're not lovebirds, Davina.

Davina: Says you but I know the vibes I get from you two every single day. Hurry up and jump!

Danielle: Okay! Okay! And keep your weird vibes to yourself!

(Leon laughs as Danielle hangs up on Davina.)

Danielle: Let's do this.

Leon: Before we do, you promised you tell me why you wanted to jump off the Eiffel Tower.

Danielle: Well, there are two parts to this...Ten years ago, I promised my best friend that she and me would jump off of the Eiffel Tower but we didn't get that chance.

Leon: What happened?

Danielle: Let's just say that things didn't go well.

Leon: And the second part?

Danielle:...Okay, this is going to sound funny but...(giggles) I actually had a dream of me and this guy jumping off of the Eiffel Tower.

Leon: (laughs) Wait, what? Are you saying that I'm that guy from your dream?

Danielle: Well, I couldn't see his face but since you have the bald head, I'm pretty sure it was you.

Leon: Wow, I really don't know what to say to that.

Danielle: Look at it this way, I had to make it somebody because I've been having that dream for nine years.

Leon:...Could be a sign of something.

Danielle: Like what?

(Leon takes Danielle's hand and she shudders by the touch. She sees him look deep into her eyes which causes her to be drawn to it.)

Leon:...That we were fated to meet.

(Danielle is thrown off by Leon's words and also once again shudders when he kisses her cheek. He then holds her hand more tightly.)

Leon: Ready to do this?


Leon: (smirks) Then let's go, Your Majesty.

(Danielle laughs and they slowly take a step together, jumping off of the Eiffel Tower as Davina watches them.)


(In the present day, A young woman is strapped to a chair in a torture room.)


(The young woman is extremely quiet but seems to be in pain from something. She sweats as she hears loud voices and begins to lose it.)


(Due to her sudden outburst, glass starts to shatter everywhere and the room begins to shake. Suddenly a needle flies out and sticks her in the neck, calming her down.)

Unexpected Dream/Need A Ride?

(Danielle wakes up when she hears someone knocking on the front door. She gets up from her bed and leaves her bedroom to go answer it and sees Leon standing before her.)

Danielle: (yawns) What are you doing here this early?

Leon:...I had to see you.

Danielle: Why? Is there an emergency? Did something happen?

Leon: (skakes his head) No.

Danielle: Then what is it?

(Leon slowly walks towards Danielle as she backs away from him. He grabs her and holds her close to him as they stand in the middle of the living room.)

Danielle: What are you doing?

Leon:...I can't keep hiding how I feel.

(Leon kisses Danielle slowly and she begins to reciprocate as she wraps her arms around his neck. Before things can escalate, a doorbell is heard. Danielle wakes up and looks confused to why she had that dream.)

Danielle: What the hell was that?

(The doorbell rings again and she quickly gets up and leaves her bedroom to answer it. Once again, she finds Leon standing before her.)

Danielle: Oh my god.

Leon: What?

Danielle: You're not going to do anything, are you?

Leon: Do what? What are you talking about?

Danielle: Uh...Uh...Nothing!

Leon: Okay, somethings's wrong. You look pale...

Danielle: I'm fine! You're imagining things!

(Leon puts his hand on Danielle's forehead which suddenly makes her relax.)

Leon: Seems that you don't have a fever.

Danielle: (giggles) Leon, don't worry. I'm fine.

Leon: You sure?

Danielle: Mm-hmm...Somehow your touch has always keep me calm and relaxes me.

Leon: Really? (moving his hand to her cheek) You never told me that.

Danielle: Because it was weird.

Leon:...Is it weird now?

(Leon moves his hand to her chin and tilts her head up to look at him.)

Leon: Hmm?

Danielle: I...I, uh...What are you doing here?

Leon: (removes his hand) Thought that I could give you a ride.

Danielle: You know that I have my own car, right?

Leon: Yeah but...Just...just come on and let me give you a ride.

Danielle:...Alright. I'll go take a shower and get ready.

Leon: I'll go wait by my truck...Dani?

Danielle: Yeah?

(Leon moves a lock of hair from Danielle's face.)

Leon: Remember what I told you while we were still New Orleans? Don't hide anything from me. If something's wrong, just tell me.

Danielle:...Yeah...Yeah I remember. How could I forget?

(Leon gives her a small smile and leaves. Danielle takes a deep breath and sits on one of the chairs in the living room. She picks up her cell phone from the table and texts Davina about needing to talk.)

Danielle: What is going on with me?

Ancil Roux

Our New Lives

(As Leon is leaning on his truck waiting for Danielle, he looks at the scenery of Paris. He seems to be in deep thought until Danielle walks out the apartment building. He smiles when she walks towards him and he opens up the truck door.)

Leon: Your chariot awaits, Your Majesty.

Danielle: (laughs) So you're not taking me in your police car?

Leon: Sorry but it's back in the station. You ready to go?

Danielle: Yeah. Don't worry, I've got everything that I need.

Leon: You look beautiful by the way. As always.

Danielle: Thanks. Now, I need to get to school and you need to get to work. Let's go!

Leon: Yes, Your Majesty!

(Danielle gets into the truck and Leon closes the door. He goes over to his side and stops when he sees a young woman in bloody clothing walking nearby. He starts looking pale until he hears Danielle say his name.)

Danielle: Leon?

Leon: Uh, yeah...(getting into the car) Sorry about that.

Danielle: You okay? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Leon: No. No. I'm fine. Just imagining things...

(Leon starts the truck and drives. The scene now heads over to Davina who is taking many photos children playing, adults that walk by, birds sitting in the trees and even a chapel. As she is happy with the photos that she has taken, she sees Leon's car arriving and heads over to it.)

Davina: Good morning!

Leon: Morning.

Danielle: Let me guess, you got up early because you wanted to find some good photos to take and judging by your ecstatic mood, you got them?

Davina: Correct! Come on, let's get to school.

Leon: Can you wait for her for a minute, Davina? I need to talk to her about something.

Davina: Sure. I'll be over there, Dani. (walking away) See you later, Leon!

Danielle: I'll tell you if you tell me what's wrong with you first.

Leon: (sighs) I don't know what's been going on with me but...I just feel like something is coming.

Danielle: Huh...Because I'm was thinking the same thing...Sometimes, I feel like something bad is about to happen.

Leon: Do you think Davina feels that way?

Danielle: No...She's been the same as usual. Her lovable and adorable self.

Leon: (chuckles) I guess that's good for us then...

(Leon notices Danielle's body shaking a bit and he put his hand around the back of her neck, bringing her head close to him so that he can kiss her forehead. She immediately relaxes from this.)

Leon: I'm not going to let anything happen to Davina or you. I'm your bodyguard, remember?

Danielle: I don't want anything to happen to you either. I'm not really worrying about myself. As long as Davina and you are fine, then everything will be okay.

(Leon has a small smile on his face and starts to laugh when he sees Davina secretly spying on the two of them from the front of his truck and is seemingly taking a photo of them with her cell phone. When she notices that he sees her, she starts to run away.)

Leon: I think you should go talk to Davina before she gets the wrong idea.

Danielle: (sees Davina) Oh for pete's sake!

(As Danielle gets her stuff and gets out of the car, she smiles at Leon and thanks him. She chases a giggling Davina and Leon looks at Danielle one last time before driving off to work. Danielle finally catches Davina.)

Danielle: Hand over your phone, Davina!

Davina: (giggling) Fine! Fine!

(Davina gives Danielle her cell phone. When Danielle sees the photo of Leon kissing her forehead, she doesn't seemed by the photo. She gives the phone back to Davina. She then links arms with her as they walk to school.)

Davina: You're not going to delete it?

Danielle: doesn't look bad. I mean it's nice.

Davina:...I knew it.

Danielle: Not this again. Davina, it's a nice photo, okay?

Davina: Whatever you say!

Danielle: Now give me the camera so I can see those photos!

Davina: (giving Dani her camera) Anyway, there's something you wanted to talk about. You didn't want to talk about it over the phone so it must be something really important.

Danielle: Umm, yeah....Vivi, your photos are amazing as usual. Before I tell you, come here!

(Danielle hugs Davina as she holds the camera in front of them and takes a photo. They both are happy with the result that came out.)

Davina: I love it! Another photo to add to the friendship album! Now what did you want to talk about?

Danielle:...I had a dream before Leon came to pick me up.

Davina: What kind of dream?

Danielle: Before I tell you what it is, I don't want you giving me that look that you always give me when it comes to Leon!

Davina: Alright, alright. I swear!

Danielle: Good. Now this dream isn't a kind of dream I usually have. It was of Leon and me.

Davina: Go on.

Danielle: It started with me being woken up from hearing someone knocking on the door. I got out of bed and left my room to see who it was. When I got to the front door, it was Leon.

Davina: Go on.

Danielle: I started asking him questions but he just started walking towards me and he...he...

(Davina starts to get excited from Danielle's story.)

Davina: Go on!

Danielle: He started to hold me in his arms, telling me that he can't keep hiding how he feels...Then he kissed me and...I started to kiss him back. Then the dream ended.

(Danielle notices how quiet Davina is and waits for a response.)

Danielle: Vivi? me because I'm going to faint!

Danielle: Stop that!

Davina: Come on, Dani! It's no surprise that you finally had a hot and heavy dream of Leon!

Danielle: What's that suppose to mean?

Davina: What I mean is that the chemistry between the two of you was pretty obvious. Everyone can see the sparks whenever the two of you are together.

Danielle: Chemistry? Sparks? You have got to be kidding me.

Davina: Oh, really? So you're saying that your never felt any attraction while you're with Leon?

Danielle:...There's nothing going on between us.

Davina: That's not an answer to my question. Dani, I can see it! Whenever you're with him, you seem more alive than you already do. Also, whenever I see him hold your hand or that time when he kissed your cheek back when the two of you were up on the Eiffel Tower--

Danielle: Wait! How do you know about that?

Davina: Umm...I had brought some binoculars when we first arrived in Paris...

Danielle: Oh, I see...Being sneaky as usual!

Davina: I wasn't being sneaky, I was observing! There's a difference! Now what made him kiss your cheek that time?

Danielle: Vivi, I love you but that's for me to know and for you (taps Davina's nose) to keep your nose out of.

(Davina chases after Danielle who walks ahead of her into the college. Next, Leon is shown fighting criminals...)



Davina & Ancil


(Davina enters her and Danielle's apartment to find Danielle watching The Conjuring. She smiles at the sight.)

Davina: Is it really the time of day to be watching horror movies?

Danielle: Honey, there's nothing wrong with watching horror movies during any time of the day.

Davina: (laughs) Whatever you say. By the way, you and Leon are coming with me to a party tonight.

Danielle: A party?

Davina: Yeah. I met a guy-

(Danielle quickly hits the pause button to stop the movie.)

Danielle: Do tell! I'm listening!

Davina: Well, I kinda bumped into him and he seem sorta mesmerized by me. Then he asked me if we ever met because I looked very familiar.

Danielle: Humph, one of the oldest lines in the book. But hey, if he's mesmerized by you, he's got good taste.

Davina: It's actually strange for some reason because he did seem familiar.

Danielle: In what way?

Davina: I don't know...I really can't explain it. Anyway, we talked and he invited to a party he's throwing tonight. He said that you and Leon can come too.

Danielle: First, tell me. Are you interested in this guy?


Danielle: Alright, I'll go to see if he's good enough for you.

Davina: Thanks, Dani!

(Davina goes into her room and sees a small gift box on her bed. She goes to pick it and opens it to find a cookie necklace. She turns around to see Danielle standing in the doorway.)

Danielle: Like it? I went to Ooh La La earlier and they were selling BFF necklaces. (holds up the milk necklace) I got the milk necklace and you got the cookie necklace.


Danielle: Oh, did you get the guy's name? The one throwing the party?

Davina: Yeah, his name's Ancil Roux.

Party of the Century

Danielle's Past

Elon Demond

Miss Me?