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Cedric Aldrich
Biographical information
  • 1970s (age 40s)
  • Alive
  • Male
Family information
Significant Others
  • Unnamed Wife
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Chris Tucker
First seen
The light and darkness plays a big role in each and every life that is born into this world. If we could somehow them togethe, we stand a better chance at becoming one.

Cedric Aldrich is a main character of Eternal Darkness and the headmaster of Lunctus Academy. He plays a big role in the series as the peacemaker, hoping to bring humans and supernatural beings together, uniting them for a greater cause by allowing the supernatural to also attend the academy.

He could possibly relate to Kaien Cross from Vampire Knight.

Early LifeEdit


Cedric is of Old English origin and its meaning is uncertain.

Aldrich is English and its meaning is "aged and wise ruler".

Cedric's StoryEdit


Cedric is a wise and thoughtful man. He takes great responsibility as the headmaster and cares for his staff and students, seeing everyone as family. He is also seen as a great role model to the students. He holds respect for supernatural beings and wants to bring peace between the different societies.

Also having a cheerful personality, he has a comedic side to him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit




Promotional ImagesEdit


  • Cedric is the comic relief of the first half of Eternal Darkness.
  • He is the creator and first headmaster of Lunctus Academy.

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