The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 2, Episode 07 (Part 1)
Air date Winter 2015
Written by User:Cori11
Directed by User:Cori11
Episode Guide
A Special Reunion

Blood for Blood is the seventh episode of Season Two of The Originals Fanfiction (Series) and the _________ episode of the series overall.


REBEKAH RETURNS--Rebekah, who has spent months away living a normal life with baby Hope, finds herself on the run when she realizes Esther has uncovered her whereabouts and reunites with her sister, Sophia and niece, Danielle.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Callie McClincy as Young Rebekah
  • Chloe Noelle as Young Sophia

Special GuestsEdit



  • Rebekah will reunite with Tatia and have an interesting scene with Eileen.
  • Rebekah will mention her boyfriend that she met over the summer.
  • We will see how Rebekah is embracing her human life.
  • Malia questions her mother about her love for Aaron.
  • Sophia puts Esther in her place.
  • Elijah and Sophia will have a scene together but it will be through a phone call.
  • Flashbacks of Rebekah and Sophia's childhood.
  • Elijah and Marcel will have a scene together that reveals a surprising revelation from Elijah.



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