The blood moon is also more commonly known as the red moon as well.

Season OneEdit

The red moon is mentioned in Sinners and Saints. Danielle had a dream of her standing in the bayou where there was a red moon, dead bodies, and everything including herself was covered in blood. 

In Bring It On, the red moon appears once again as Sophia enters Dani's dreams.This time they are in the French Quarter, standing in the middle of the street, and everything is covered in blood. Sophia meets her alter self: Dark Sophia and Danielle meets Neoma but viewers could not see her face.  


  • A red moon means danger is lurking, awareness; a bad omen. It alerts one for an upcoming battle, war.
  • A full moon symbolizes height of power, the peak of clarity, fullness and obtainment of desire. All energy rises; the waters are high; all spells and magic are empowered.