Allison Argent
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1994 (age 18)




High School Student
Werewolf Hunter (Formerly)



Family information
Supernatural information
Cause of death

Stabbed through the stomach

Killed by


Played by

Crystal Reed

First seen

TW/TOF Crossover Special

Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger.

We protect those who can not protect themselves.

— Allison's motto

Allison Argent was the female lead of one of the main protagonists of Teen Wolf. An accomplished archer and gymnast. She came from a long lineage of matriarchal werewolf-hunters. She became romantically involved with Scott McCall whom recently became a werewolf, and she wanted nothing to do with werewolf hunting. After learning the truth about Scott, she began her training her to become the matriarch of their group because she was the next in the line of succession after her aunt, Kate Argent whom was killed by Peter Hale, Derek's uncle. Throughout the series she was torn between her love for Scott McCall and her allegiance to her family.

After her mother's death, she broke up with Scott as she needed to time which he understood because he would wait for her forever. Later on, she was drawn back into supernatural events when new powerful forces appeared. When Lydia was in danger, Allison fought to save her. Allison managed to take down one of the enemies but lost her life when being killed by the Oni.

Her death greatly impacts those close to her.


During Season One of Teen Wolf, Allison’s role appeared pretty straightforward. She was there to be the object of Scott McCall affections, the emotional connection between the hero and the villains (werewolves and hunters), and a prize to be stolen by the bad boy, Jackson. Right from the start there’s a role reversal because Scott is definitely the more emotionally aware of the two of them. Their relationship really began when her and Scott bond over saving an injured dog after all.

Along the way, Allison Argent just gets more complex, more interesting, more dynamic, and more important as the series progresses. She really starts to come into her own after the events in “Night School” where she breaks up with Scott because she knows he’s lying to her and she’s not just going to take it. Allison tells her Aunt Kate, “That night in the school I felt utterly weak. Like I needed somebody to come in a rescue me. I hate that feeling. I want to feel stronger than that. I want to feel powerful.”

Going into the next season, Allison takes a much darker role. Mainly because of her anger at her parents, aunt, Derek, and herself. She was confronted with her greatest fear at Lydia’s birthday party...herself. Both Kate and Gerard exploited Allison's fundamental fear of weakness spectacularly but at least they gave her some information unlike her father and her boyfriend who both insisted on keeping things from her for her own safety.

In her final season, Allison takes the leadership position over her father and creating her own code: “We protect those who can’t protect themselves.” She desperately wants to help people just as much as Scott does. In the end Allison died to save her best friend. The aim of the mission was to find and save Lydia. As Allison tells Scott before the fight begins, she’s there to save her best friend. When Scott reaches her side after she’s been stabbed, the first thing she asks is about Lydia and he tells her that she's safe. Allison tells Scott that it's okay and everything is perfect. She’s in the arms of first and only love. Allison Argent died a hero, a warrior, a daughter, a friend, and a lover.

Throughout The Originals FanficitonEdit

Season TwoEdit


Allison is a sweet girl. She is pretty outgoing and loves being with her friends. She tries her best to protect the people she loves. She may seem innocent, but if her friends are in danger she will not hesitate to fight back. She's a strong girl, and will find a way around any obstacle. She isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's best friends with Lydia, and sees past her cold exterior. Allison is very strong-willed and doesn't give up on things easily. She is always up for a challenge. She's been through a lot over the series, from dealing with her family, finding out about werewolves, and to fighting her own inner demons. But throughout the course of the show, Allison never gave in or gave up, even when times got hard.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Allison has chocolate brown eyes, a slender body, and short dark brown, slightly wavy hair. She Is fashionable.


11 scott-allison

Scott and Allison

Scott McCall: Allison's ex-boyfriend, first love, and main love interest. Allison first met Scott on her first day of high school and was becoming intrigued by him. They go on a date to a party but he leaves her due to his first transformation as a werewolf. She forgives him but later on she starts to learn about her family's history of being werewolf hunters. As she starts to fall in love with Scott, she sees that he is starting to lie to her about everything and breaks up with him, unknown to her he was only trying to protect her from the supernatural world. After some time, she finally discovers that Scott is a werewolf and realizes he was only lying to her for her own good, so they get back together. Keeping their relationship secret from her parents, they’re so in love, but there are so many aspects of their relationship that they can’t share. Their relationship begins to fall apart due to new threats in the supernatural world and the death of her mother causing her to go down a dark path. She breaks up with him again, to mourn the loss of her mother. They agree to remain friends even though still being in love with each other. Almost a year later, the new enemies that appear start a war and on the quest to save Lydia, Allison is struck down in battle. Scott holds Allison in his arms in her final moments. She tells him that everything is perfect, declaring her love for him: "I'm in the arms of the first person I ever loved. The first person I'll ever love. I love you, Scott McCall. You have to tell my dad! You have to tell him...". Her death greatly impacted Scott whom continues to mourn her death.

Allison and Lydia talking

Allison and Lydia

Lydia Martin: Allison's best friend. They were such opposites but really loved and supported each other anyway. Their friendship brought such light to the show. They were always shopping, talking about relationships, and having fun. Allison and Lydia protected and supported each other. Allison told Lydia not to hide her genius and Lydia was there for Allison during all of her problems with Scott. Allison died trying to save Lydia from the Nogistune causing Lydia to become devastated.


  • Large

    Allison's bow and arrow.

  • Gymnastics
  • Knives



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