Alison Midnight
Biographical information
  • 11 Century (age 24/900)
  • 11 Century
  • Undead
  • Vampire (Rebekah's bloodline)
  • Female
Family information
Supernatural information
Cause of death
  • Unknown
Killed by
  • Unknown
Played by
  • Kristen Bell
First seen
Can't I visit my baby brother?
Alison to Brody in Starting Over

Alison Midnight is the older twin sister of Brody Alexander Midnight. She comes to New Orleans as a surprise to Brody who is not happy about it.

Alison hears of her younger brother being killed by a vampire hunter from an unknown source. Alison arrives in New Orleans to get revenge for her brother's death. Alison is unaware that Brody has been brought back to life.


11 Century Edit

Alison Midnight was born in the 11th Century to wealthy parents with her younger twin brother, Brody, older sister Emily Midnight, older twin brothers, Jason and John Midnight, and younger sister Casey Midnight. When Alison was twenty-four, she and her family were turned into vampires. Except her younger sister, Casey, who was killed by an unknown person at the time. Alison and her family spent two hundred years mourning the loss of her younger sister. She hasn't seen her brother in the last seven hundred years.

Throughout The Originals FanficitonEdit

Season TwoEdit


Alison is mainly described as "wildly sexy" and "dangerous". She is also cheerful and a party girl. When it comes to the people she loves she will do anything for them and kill anyone who hurts them.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alison is a very beautiful vampire with pale white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. Her hair is shoulder length and usually wears it in curls. She is tall with an athletic but slim figure. Her style is casual choosing to wear blue jeans with pretty shirts and high heels. She also like to wear colorful outfits as well. She wears jewelry with all her outfits, her favorite are pearls. She wears her blue daylight bracelet of her left wrist.




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