Alchemists are individuals capable of studying and practicing alchemy.



Edward's Alchemy
  • Equivalent Exchange:
    • Enhanced Crafting:
  • Transmutation:
    • Transmutation Circle:
    • Human Transmutation:
    • Resurrection:
    • Soul Binding:
    • Homunculus Creation:


Philosopher's StoneEdit

Philosopher's Stone

The Philosopher's Stone is known as many different names and is a powerful transmutation amplifier. Many seek it as it is believed to be an elixir of life, useful for yearning for immortality.

Katherine Pierce is in possession of a philosopher's stone as she was given one by Magdalene Navarro in The Voodoo. After listening to Eileen Remis in Welcome to the Party, Katherine becomes concerned about her own safety when wanting to help save Sophia. She then chose to wear the philosopher's stone.

Known AlchemistsEdit


  • Kylie is one of the first alchemists to exist but it is still currently unknown to how she became an alchemist.

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