I'm a witch. It's what I do. When it's nobody else's business, it's my business.
— ~ Adriana

Sasha 1
Adriana Eve Evans
Biographical information
  • December 24, 1994 (18 years old)
  • Alive
  • College Student (currently)
  • Witchcraft Book Thief
  • Witchcraft Perfectionist
  • Witch
  • Female
Family information
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Health Spell
  • Cloaking Spell
  • Magic stripping spell
Played by
  • Sasha Pieterse
Adriana a.k.a Adri or witch girl is the daughter of an unnamed mother and father. She is a powerful witch, that comes from a line of known and feared witches. She possess the magic of 8 witches, and everyone from her bloodline. She also has a rare power of Dream Precogination. The ability to see the future in her dreams.

Early Life Edit

Adriana was born December 24th 1994 in Johannesburg, South Africa. She grew up in an okay home with a single mother, and a dad who never really existed in her life, and a younger sister named Nikol. Times were tough when she was young, because her family wasn't very wealthy. Her mom always drifting from job to job, barely scraping by. But her mother never hesitated to teach her daughters magic, and tell them stories about the brace witches that are her ancestors.

Adriana occasionally went to school, but nothing ever really interested her until she met a professor named Larnx from America. He taught her about the supernatural things lurking behind every corner, and they became very close friends. She though of him as her father, and he thought of her as his daughter or apprentice. Finally something intrigued her, and every minute of every day she as reading and studying about vampires and werewolves. Her mother helping her.

Sasha 7

Young Adriana

One day though, when Adriana was 8 years old, tragedy struck the Evans small household, when Nikol got a rare disease. The doctors didn't know what it was, so they couldn't treat it. Adriana cast her first spell, a health spell to try and save her sister. It worked for subduing the disease, but it broke the spell a few days later. Two weeks after the disease hit, Adriana's little sister died. Some say it was miracle she even lasted that long, but no one was more hurt than Adriana.

Two years went by before her and her mother left South Africa and went to America. There they lived in Las Vegas, where her mother got a real job. Things were getting better for her, and all her ducks were in a row. But, things were too good to be true. When she was 14, on the night of May 10th, Adriana's moms body was found drained of blood behind a dumpster in downtown Las Vegas. Upset, broken, and afraid of being put into Foster Care, Adriana ran and never looked back.

She went to Louisiana, after casting a cloaking spell on herself, and drifted from place to place, before finally residing in a little one story house in the outbacks of the bayou in Lousiana. There, she met a man named Henry and they lived togethr for a while and he helped her accept the death of her mother. They weren't involved romantically though, but there were hints of crushes and possible romantic feelings between them. But, a witch coven anda few vampires found out there was another witch in town, and broke into her house. Henry stood up for Adriana, and they ended up killing him. Out of pure rage she killed the vampires by lighting them on fire, and threw the witches out of her house (using telekinesis). There she killed them by snapping there necks, and she did a quick magic stripping spell and stole there powers.

Book 1

Adriana's grimoire

After that, she buried her friend and swore to never let anyone get clo

se to her again, for the fear of loosing them. A few weeks later she stole witchcraft books from the voodoo shops, and kept herself busy with them. She soon mastered every spell, potion, and treatment that there was, and made her own Grimoire. She learned about the vampires, werewolves, and supernatural creatures inher new town, and put one and one together. A vampire killed her mother. Ever since then she swore to find the vampire that killed her mother, and make them suffer.

Personality Edit

Adriana is a free spirit, very witty and smart. She has a fiery temper, and when she explodes you will feel it. One time, her mom made her so mad that she accidently blew up the kitchen sink that was filled with water and glass. Adri is what you might call a good fighter, and never backs down from a fight. She knows how to
Sasha 8


take care of herself, and is strong-willed, determined, and thick-headed.

She is manipulative, and knows how to weave a web of lies. You would probably say that she is extremely intelligent, overachieving, and stubborn. She is unflinching, and doesn't back down from anything and doesn't let people push her around. If she finds something to b 

e unfair, or unjust she will take matters into her own hands to see that it does become fair and just. Adriana is known to be sneaky, and a spy. She knows how to get information out of people, and make them spill all there dirty little secrets. 

Adriana frequently makes up her own spells, showing her high levels of intellectuality. She has a high and proud imagaination, and loves to sneak into buildings. 

To those who know her well - and there are very few -, she will show her weak side to them. She is loving, compassionate, and caring. As well as bubbly, and loves to have fun as well as party. The best way to describe her is like a lollipop with tootsie rolls in the middle of it. Hard and unbreakable on the outside, but gooey and soft on the inside. She is afraid to open up to anyone, with the fear of loosing them or loosing someone again. 

Physical Appearance Edit

She has a very beautiful and innocent look to her, and is overall a marvelous looking girl. A beautiful female witch, with lightly tanned skin, creamy hazel blue eyes that show more blue to them then green (most of the 

Sasha 2

Adriana straight hair

time). And natrually light, wavy, blonde hair that cascades down her back and ends right below her shoulder blades. She is commonly seen wearing her hair straight, or with a hairband in it. She is tall for a girl of her age, coming in at a tall 5'7 1/2, with an athletic figure and strong body. She possesses a delicate and yet strong face, with high cheekbones and long thick black eyelashes. Adriana's physical appearance is mainly reflected in her confident stance.

Adriana has a quitretra shaped birthmark on her left shoulder, and everyone in her family has one somewhere on there body. Her sister on her wrist, and her mom on her hand. Adri is the first person in her family to have one on her back.

Adriana Eve clothes


As for fashion, it ranges deeply. From comfortable sweats and are relaxed tee, to jeans, t-shirt, and boots with a leather jacket. When going out somewhere formal, or when she has to speak in front of crowds, she wears high class, fashionable attire. This normally ends up in darker colors such as brown, blue, and occasionally grey. With tank tops, and shorter skirts and denim shorty shorts. She always wears looser clothes that allow her to move around more. She enjoys the comfort of flip-flops, slip on shoes, ankle boots, and even heels.  During balls or fancy outings, she wears beautiful expensive gowns that will be further described later on.


  • Adriana
  • Adriana by her house door
  • Straight hair
  • Adriana's necklace
  • Angry
  • Outfit
  • Young Adriana
  • Birthmark


  • Her nickname is Adri or witch girl
  • She blames herself for Nikol's death
  • She is hunting for the vampire that killed her mother
  • She lives alone in the outback of New Orleans

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