Abigail Saint Germaine (Earth-20520)
Last Name
  • Saint Germaine
  • Abby (By Friends)
  • Gail (By Monique)
  • Germaine (By Tina)
Date of Birth
  • Late 20th Century
Date of Death
  • Winter Solstice 2014
  • 17
  • Alive (Resurrected/Protected)
  • Good
  • Member of the Harvest Girl Coven
  • Harvest Girl of Air (Currently)
  • High School Student (Currently)
  • Volunteer at the (Formerly)
  • Witch (Currently)
  • Ancestral Spirit (Formerly)
  • Girl/Female/Woman
Sexual Orientation
  • Heterosexual/Straight
Family Members
  • Mark Saint Germaine (Father)
  • Adella Saint Germaine ‡ (Mother)
Supernatural Information
Significant Others
Significant Spells
  • Resurrecting herself once her power was restored
  • Resurrecting dead roses
  • Preparing Hope for the Harvest
  • Telekinetically holding Klaus
  • Contacting her ancestors
  • Telekinetically holding Elijah
  • Creating several gusts of wind
Killed By
  • Bastianna Natale
Powers and Abilities
  • Magic Control
  • Telepathy:
    • Astral Projection
    • Illusion casting
  • Limited immunity to compulsion by Originals
  • Werewolf/Lycan venom immunity
  • Weather Control:
    • Able to manipulate lightning (Limited)
    • Able to make and manipulate rain (Limited)
  • Spellcasting
  • Potion Creation
  • Natural Connection
  • Spell Creation
  • Telekinesis
  • Clairvoyance
  • Full power over the element of air
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Physical Appearance
  • 5’8”
Hair Color
  • Blond (Dyed blue)
Eye Color
  • Blue

Abigail “Abby” Saint Germaine is a teenage girl, one of Davina’s closest friends and a very powerful witch, a Harvest Girl with the power to control and manipulate air and windy weather, she is one of four of the last Harvest Girls to be born and is the last Harvest Girl of Air/Wind.

After the tenth Harvest was executed and Abby was sacrificed, Abby’s powers found Davina, but she was saved by Marcel before Davina could die, thereby keeping her dead as Davina believed Abby to be dead for good and carried around her power along with that of Monique’s and Cassie’s, using it to protect herself from the witches who would kill her to restore it. After Davina realized she was destroying her home with her godly powers, she allowed herself to be sacrificed and returned to life after Abby and Cassie protected Davina from the Ancestors’ wrath. Resurrected, Abby’s powers were at a magnitude she had not yet ever known and she was used to attempt to kill Hope Mikaelson by the Original Witch and inevitably killed by Klaus Mikaelson again only to be resurrected again by a protection spell fashioned by Davina Claire.

Abigail is a member of the Saint Germaine Family of witches.

Throughout House of MEdit

In Kill A Demon Today, Face the Devil Tomorrow

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