Their love for each other was so strong and passionate that no one could tear them apart.

Eileen about Aaron and Cecilia

Sophia thinking about Aaron

Sophia thinking about Aaron.

Months later, while spending her last night with Marcel before heading off to college, Sophia has a strange dream of a young man named Aaron. She finds herself in the Ancient Times and is back to her seventeen year old self as well as wearing greek clothing. Aaron comes up to her but is calling her by the name Cecilia. He thanks her for treating her wounds and gives her a rose. A bunch of men interrupt their moment and Aaron hopes to see her again soon. As he runs off towards the men, she stares at him, feeling a strong connection with him. She later tells Katherine about Aaron.

The next day, while getting settled in with Katherine and Aria in their dorm room, Sophia takes a nap and has another dream of Aaron. This time, she is being carried in his arms and he tells her that she shouldn't be doing dangerous things. He then promises he will not let anything had happen to her and puts her down but continues to hold her close to him. Hoping he's not being too forward, he passionately kisses her. Sophia is surprised by the action but can't find herself to pull away. Sophia wakes up breathing heavily and sees Katherine looks at her amused. Sophia admits to Katherine that she feels more connected to him more than she ever has with Marcel and Nathan.

Towards the end of the episode, while talking to Katherine, she suddenly finds herself with Aaron, showing the night he had given her a star from the night sky and proposed to her. She hears Katherine's voice which snaps her back to reality. Sophia uses the spell to bring out the star. When it appears in her hand, it reveals that all the dreams she has been having are real and are memories that she no longer remembers.

Kylie 202

Sweetie...I know that you're in love with Marcel but Aaron was the one for you. There's no denying that.

A week later, Sophia learns of more of her history as well as of her romance with Aaron. While in class, she suddenly finds herself back in the Ancient Times but this time, she contains her present day appearance. She hears someone coming and hides behind a tree. As she looks to see who it is, she finds her seventeen year old self arguing with Aaron. Cecilia is angry with Aaron for having feelings for her knowing that she is engaged to another man and wants him to stay away from her. He refuses to agree to that because he knows that deep down she has feelings for him as well. He continues on about how he wants her and that she's the one for him. He will wait for her until she is ready to accept her feelings for him. She continues to deny him, resisting the pull between them and walks away. Later, she unexpectedly meets her aunt, Kayleigh. While spending time with her and learning new secrets about her past, Kylie comes to meet her niece's boyfriend, Marcel. Kylie coming to like Marcel and coming to learn what they've been through together, seeing how strong his relationship is with Sophia, tells him that this will be a test for him, to see if he can be Sophia's new soulmate. Kylie can tell that the both of her niece and Marcel are in love with each other but Aaron was always the one for her.

Sophia hears Aaron's voice

Sophia hears Aaron's voice.

While spending time with her father and Eileen,

After saving Elijah from Esther, Sophia and her brother talk about her unfading love for Aaron.

During a college trip, Sophia regains more memories of Aaron.

When her sister returns to New Orleans, she is notified about Aaron and before Sophia heads off to Greece, Malia questions her mother about her love for Aaron.

Sophia questions are finally answered by her descendant, Kristina.

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